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Who Is SSSniperWolf Dating Right Now?

who is sssniperwolf dating right now

Alia Marie Shelesh is commonly known as SSSniperWolf is a British youtube gaming sensation who started her YouTube channel by streaming different games online and then there was no looking back for her. She just gained more and more popularity with time and now she has become one of the most subscribed gamers on YouTube throughout the globe. As of now, she has also shifted her YouTube channel to other niches also in which she makes vines, reaction videos, and does a lot of dumb but very entertaining things which gets millions of views.

She has started making such viral content that easily grabs anyone’s attention and this has given a huge growth to his YouTube channel along with the gaming streams that she takes on her channel regularly. She has set a clear example that games are not made only for boys or only boys cannot be good gamers and even girls can be good or we can say excellent gamers and she is proving all this very well. She has inspired thousands and millions of girls throughout the globe and has motivated them in started playing video games and she is just doing great.

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Who Is SSSniperWolf Dating Right Now?

British Gaming YouTuber SSSniperWolf

Early Life & Career

Alia Marie aka SSSniperWolf was born in England on October 22, 1992, and just at the age of 28, she has made such a successful career that most people dream of at such age making her parents and family extremely proud of her. She moved to the United States at the age of six with her family and she is having one younger sister and two younger brothers. When she was growing up her parents brought her a Playstation and then there was no looking back for her and that was unknowingly the first point towards such a successful career for her.

She herself kept her name SSSniperWolf after getting inspired by one of the lead characters of Metal Gear Solid. She started her YouTube channel in 2013 and after that, there was no looking back for her as she gathered millions of subscribers and followers each year, and recently in July 2020, her channel has been titled as the most-subscribed female content channel in English breaking a lot of records worldwide. She has worked with some big companies like Dinsey, Ubisoft, EA, Gameloft, Sony, and many others and still is getting offers.

As of now, she is having 26.5M subscribers on YouTube and 5.1M followers on Instagram and her net worth are around $2-5M and major of her income comes from Google Adsense and paid promotions and collaborations. We will soon share the complete insight about her income sources on our site as for that just stay tuned to this site. Now, we know most of you have come here to know about her relationship status and from the start, you are eagerly waiting to know about the person she is recently dating or last dated and her latest relationship status.

So here are all the major details that you are searching for about SSSniperWolf aka Alia Marie.

Who Is SSSniperWolf Dating Right Now?

SSSniperWolf Has Broke Up With His American Boyfriend

Who Is She Dating Right Now?

So, we would like to clear all her fans and admirers that she is officially single as of now which means she is dating no one right now. This she herself confirmed a few weeks ago, although she is very personal about her private life and very rarely makes any statement or revelations about her personal life still she clearly revealed this after getting separated from her last boyfriend. She also told that as of now she doesn’t have any plans for dating and she would like to focus more on content creating but if any sparks happen then she will surely share.

The last she was dating was Evan Sausage who is also an American YouTuber with over 325K subscribers on his channel. Their relationship lasted for more than a year and they both very really happy with each other but after the break up they both have loved on with their plans and they both are officially single as of now. This was the most searched query about SSSniperWolf as of now that whether she is dating someone or not and we hope we have completely solved it and you have got all the answers to the queries.

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