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Who Is Ricki Lake Dating? The Star Has Found Love Again

Who Is Ricki Lake Dating?
Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake has been a star of her own right in the 90s. The Ricki Late show is still nostalgic to whoever grew up during that era. If that wasn’t enough, we do remember the portrayals of Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 film Hairspray. The one that gave her nomination for Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. Movies like  Cry-Baby,  Cecil B. Demented, and Serial Mom remain memories as well. But as good as her professional life was, at the same time, Ricki Lake struggled with love initially. After all these years, has she found love yet? Let’s find out who Ricki Lake is dating.

Starting off on a note of rumor, Rick lake surprise everyone by getting married in 1994. But not everything was lovey-dovey, even if it looked like. This took on to a divorce and then finding love again. The second time it ended on quite a dark note when she lost her ex-husband to suicide. The one which deeply affected her. Now after three years of the events, there is finally someone in Lake’s life who gives her the love she needs the most at the moment. Who is her? Well, he is not a Hollywood star but someone who makes her happy for sure.

Who Is Ricki Lake Dating?

Ricki Lake was dating Ross Burningham since the early 2020s, and now they are officially engaged. They met on one of Ricki’s covid walks when she ran into one of her acquaintances and met Ross. He had asked her if she is single, and she was glad she was. The actress didn’t reveal much about the relationship until December of 2020 when she decided to reveal to the fans that she is in a relationship by posting a pic and calling him Love.

On the 21st of February 2021, Ricki Lake took to Instagram to share that she is officially engaged to Ross. She wrote how excited she was and how Ross is her person and happy to be with this stellar man. A new chapter opens up for her. Three months later, we finally had our first look at the engagement ring of Rick Lake, which she shared on her Instagram in a picture with Ross.

Ricki Lake Was Dating Ross and Is Now Engaged To Him

From The Instagram Handle Of Ricki Lake Featuring Ricki Lake With Ross Burningham

Ross Burningham is a Lawyer by Profession and is a partner at the law firm Gunderson Dettmer. According to the official website of the firm, Ross looks after the merging companies, particularly technology and biotech companies. He further advises and represents these companies in financings, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs.

As popular as Ricki Lake is, compared to her, Ross is quite a private person. Even his Instagram is private, and henceforth not much is known about him apart from this. Ross will be Ricki Lake’s third husband, and much like her, he is the father of two children, 23-year-old Milo Sussmanand 19-year-old Owen Sussman. Ricki on the other hand, has sons Milo Sebastian Sussman, 23, and Owen Tyler Sussman, 19 from her first husband.

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Ricki Lake’s Past Relationships

Ross Burningham will be Ricki Lake’s third husband now. Way before she was married. Ricki Lake had flings with her Cry-Baby costar Darren Burrows. But in 1994, she married illustrator Rob Sussan with whom she shares two sons now. She met him in October 1993, on Halloween, and soon the next year, the couple went on to marry each other in Las Vegas. Their marriage went on for 10 years. Then Ricki went to file for a divorce in 2003. The divorce was later finalized in February of 2005.

Ricki Lake Dated Christian Evans Before

Actress Ricki Lake and her ex-husband Christian Evans at the premiere of “More Business of Being Born”

After parting ways with Rob Sussan, Ricki Lake found love in Christian Evans three years post her divorce. She met him in 2009. They called in for engaging in August of 2011, and later she married him in 2012. On 29 October 2014, Lake filed for divorce from Evans due to irreconcilable differences. But the divorce was later put on hold. Christian Evans was struggling with bipolar disorder and died by suicide in 2017.

Christian Evan’s death had a major impact on Ricki Lake’s health. She was unable to cope up and stated that she didn’t really understand what Bipolar disorder is when she met Christian Evans. Even though they weren’t married when he died, but his death will always deeply affect Ricki. She had a really hard time moving on from his death and find love again until she met Ross Burmingham, who gave her all the love she was looking for.

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