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Who Is The English Musician ‘Nick Feldman’?

In this article, we shall focus on the British Musician Nick Feldman. The man is the reason behind many great things that have happened in the music industry. But what he did in the 80s is something which every music lover should be aware of!. Ever heard of the band named “Wang Chung”?. If yes, then great because then you know what Feldman’s greatest work is. If no, then it’s fine because we are going to mostly talk about two things, “Who Is Nick Feldman?” and how is the “Wang Chung Era” related to him?. The talented English musician is still going strong even at this age. He started singing in 1977 and is a very decorated name in the music industry. He is an idol to several young, ambitious singers out there. We shall discuss why!

Before Wang Chung, it was Nick who was managing top to bottom. Back then, there was no social media or any fancy gadgets like even a mobile through which you could communicate with ease. Forming a team was very difficult without the help of social media. But Nick only had his musical instruments like mic and guitar with him. From a very young age, Nick had a passion for music. He loved singing and also was a very talented guitarist. But how could he showcase his skills alone?. That’s when he got the idea of forming a band. It was Nick Feldman and his best friend Jack Hues who formed the infamous music band “Wang Chung”. Today we are going to first cover Nick Feldman, about his early life and career. Then we will talk about all the difficulties and challenges that he faced before he could ultimately create Wang Chung. So let’s start!

Nick Feldman

The Infamous duo forming Wang Chung

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Who Is Nick Feldman? Back To The Memory Lane Of The 80s:

Nicholas Laurence Feldman was born in London on 1 May 1955. He is a Musician, Guitarist, composer, investor, audition judge & talent scout for The Voice. Nick studied psychology at the University Of Liverpool. Initially, his interest in psychology and studies ran away before he could graduate. So he decided to follow his dreams. He made it a point to pursue his career in music. So he left the University and joined an agency where he would become a DJ. But after some time, he left the agency and planned to form his band. Forming a band all by himself was a very difficult task, but it was his dream. So Nick published help-wanted Ads in the British Magazine. Jack Hues (person in the image) was the first one to join. Nick and Jack went on to become the infamous duo of Wang Chung. They were held as the “core” of the band.

Wang Chung: The Beginning

Wang Chung means “Yellow Bell”. I have added Wang Chung in Nick’s early life because Wang Chung was his life and his dream. In fact, since the 70s, Wang Chung still exists!. So after Jack joined, Bassist Mike Berry was hired. Mike Smith, a Keyboardist and a close friend of Nick, also joined the team. And many more artists who had already found success joined the team. But unfortunately, the dream didn’t last long for Nick Feldman. Within one year, that band broke. Feldman and Hues joined Darren Costin and a few other important members to form a new band, 57 Men. This band also broke up too soon as it lasted for about 1.5 years.

Wang Chung

Wang Chung: Jack Hues & Nick Feldman

Wang Chung: The Reunion

Two years later, Nick Feldman, Jack Hues, and Darren Costin came together to form the same original name- Huang Chung. It also means “The Yellow Bell” in Mandarin. In 1980, Huang Chung released two singles. In 1981, the band signed an agreement with Arista Records, releasing their first-ever album. During that phase, Nick Feldman was professionally known as Nick de Spig. But By 1983, things started to get on track. Huang Chung’s name was turned back Wang Chung, and Nick Feldman changed his professional name back to his original name. In 1984, Wang Chung released many singles. The most famous ones were “Dance Hall Days” and “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”, which were No. 2 on the Billboard chart.

Nik Feldman: Present Time

When artists, youngsters, enthusiasts, and believers look at Nick, they see a person who fought tooth and nail to achieve his dreams. Today, he is one of the most respected names in the industry. If he had given up, then Hues would be nowhere. If he had given up, then the music wave (genre) would have lost its magic. Today, if Wang Chung exists, it’s only because of one man, and that is Nicholas Feldman. He never ran behind money, as his Net worth is $200,000, which is nothing considering his talent. Nick Feldman is an idol to millions of believers out there.

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