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Who Is Nailea Devora Dating, Is Something Cooking With Larray?

Who is Nailea Devora Dating?
From Instagram Handle Of Nailea Devora

Nailea Devora’s quirky and funny videos on her YouTube and Instagram handles have made her star at a very young age. Well, you need a blast, some time to laugh from the hectic work? Head out to Nailea’s YouTube as she brings the most fun slice-of-life vlogs. While we admit, Nailea Devora lives her life to the fullest. But is there someone who adds more to her happiness persona? Because we wonder as a teen star Nailea hardly appears for relationships in media. So, Who is Nailea Dating? Is there anyone in her life?

It can’t be a secret anymore for a 19-year-old kid, living her life the most quirky and fun way. But Nailea’s fans wonder, especially the ones who crush on her for being the silly persona onscreen. We gotta say with that in mind, rumors certainly don’t leave a star behind no matter how hard he/she tries. The same is for Nailea when it comes to her best friend Larray. So coming to circle, is he the one dating Nailea Devora? If not, then who? Let’s break it down.

Who is Nailea Devora Dating?

Nailea Devora, at the moment, is single. Yes, there are flings and rumors of her being another fellow YouTuber, Larray but they are just rumors. Larray and Nailea Devora often share time and content together. They feature a lot in each other’s videos. Some of their videos see them living as a real-life couple and getting a hang of it. But that’s just it is, it has nothing to do with their real-life relationship, and they are really just good friends who love spending time together and invade each other’s videos.

Breaking Down Who Nailea Devora Is Dating? Plus Is It Larray?

From Instagram Handle Of Nailea Devora

We are not denying the fact that these videos do give hints of them being in a relationship. But truth to be told, Larray is already in a relationship. He is dating his long-term boyfriend, Brady Potter. A fellow YouTuber who is known for casual and street-style modeling. They both have often expressed their love on the internet and are very much into each other.

Coming back to Nailea Devora, she is 19 years old as of now in 2021 and hasn’t been in a public relationship since she became huge on the internet. Yes, there might be chances Nailea Devora was dating somebody in the past, but it might before she became popular. If there were such flings, then those remain private into the hearts of Nailea and her closed one. In fact, there is one story like that let’s talk about it.

Nailea Devora, in one of her past videos, claimed one of the reasons she moved to California is her high school crush. First of all, one of her friends left her hometown, which was okay as she handled it well. But when the guy she low-key had a huge crush on made a move to California. This made her mind to move to Santa Barbara, California, for college. Has she found the love of her dreams still remains a secret? Until then, we will be waiting for Nailea to find her love.

How Nailea-Larray’s Videos Teased Us Of Them Dating?

We have to admit Nailea Devora and Larray’s videos were pretty convincing. Especially from the teasers until the video revealed something else. This how they went. Some of Nailea Devora and Larray’s videos feature real-life couple situations as being pregnant for 24 hours. Then adopting a child for a day and handle the responsibilities of a parent. A video Devora and Larray heavily teased by captioning statements relating to wedding invitations and all.

Is Nailea Devora Dating Larray?

Nailea Devora With her YouTuber Friend Larray

The first video is about, being pregnant for 24 hours. The video saw Nailea taking on the role of a pregnant woman and going out shopping with Larray as husband-wife. The reactions of people were worth looking out for. Furthermore, Nailea trying on clothes for pregnant women, eating baby food, and a couple reanimating a baby birth scene was intriguing as well. The chemistry works.  Secondly, adopting a child saw them hanging out with a  baby. That was troublesome but gotta give to Larray and Nailea’s chemistry. Well, at the end of the day, those were just reenactments, and it was fun watching them as a couple for a day. Check out one of their videos below.

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