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Who Is Mark Bezos? Jeff’s Partner for Space Trip

Who Is Mark Bezos?

In the 21st century, we all thrive on binge-watching and online shopping. And you can’t think of any of that without thinking about Amazon. Mark Bezos is the younger brother of the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. If we can order our favorite commodities online, it is because of Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos always wanted to be an astronaut as a child, but fate had some other plans for him. And he became a very successful businessman. It is said that money can’t buy happiness, but Jeff proved to the world that the quote is wrong. Jeff bought his happiness by investing his money in Blue Moon.

Blue Moon is a commercial space company. And the next month Jeff Bezos and his younger brother Mark Bezos will be taking a trip to space in a newly developed Space Shuttle by Blue Moon. Jeff made the big announcement through his official Instagram account before conducting a press conference to launch his space shuttle developed by Blue Moon.

Mark Bezos

Mark Bezos Is Jeff Bezos Younger Brother. (Credits: The Sun)

He said he intends to build a road to space. He said whenever he thought of commercializing the space. Jeff thought it was a fantasy until Elon Musk made it a dream come true. And now he is ready to chase his dreams.

Jeff Declared That He Would Be Travelling The Space With His Younger Brother Mark Bezos

Jeff made an official announcement that he will go on a space journey with his brother Mark Bezos. He wrote that he always wanted to travel the space, and he is blessed to share this experience and this journey with his younger brother and his best buddy Mark. He said Mark is very excited to be with him on this journey. Jeff added to his statement that they both have been training to make it safe and sound for our journey. It is going to be a hell of a ride.

On being asked that this journey might be dangerous and they can lose their lives in outer space. Jeff replied that he and his brother would be there with each other, and they would love to die chasing their dreams rather than just fantasizing about things they could have done. Jeff tanked his brother Mark publically and said he is much more comfortable to board that space shuttle, knowing that his best buddy will be by his side all the time.

Who Is Mark Bezos?

Mark Bezos is the younger brother of Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the Billionaire company Amazon. Mark is four years younger than jeff and was brought up in Texas. He does not believe in the commercial world. He was always the kind one. Mark is the board member of several Non-Profitable Organisations. He holds 30% shares in his brother’s company Amazon. He does not believe in multiplying his assets for his own use. Mark mentioned in his Ted Talk that “You don’t get a chance to change someone’s life every day. But you defiantly get a chance to make some changes every day.” He also believes in the ideology “An eye for an eye turns the world blind.”

Jeff and Mark appeared together in an interview where Jeff shared that initially, he saw SpaceX as a competition but Mark advice him to take it as an inspiration and not as a completion. Jeff said from that day he has only felt good about the initiative that both the companies are working hard to achieve.

What Does Mark Do For A Living?

Mark is the director of the Bezos Foundation. His family owns the foundation, but Mark administers it alone. He laid the foundation of the Red hood organization it is a nonprofit organization that helps people below the poverty line in New York. He also worked as an investor. Recently in the year 2020, he sold his house and liquefied his other assets to make a donation for the people who lost their jobs in the COVID19 pandemic. He is a very kind person who can go to any lengths to serve his purpose to humankind.

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