Who Is Louis Tomlinson Dating, What Happened To His Engagement Rumors?

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Louis Tomlinson

We all know the notable English singer under the genre of pop who is also one of the leading members of the popular boy band named One Direction is none other than but Louis William Tomlinson. Being such a great singer, he earned his popularity in the world of teenagers. Not only that, but he is also considered to be a heart stealer of the teen girls, not only in his native area, that is England but people around the world.

Being such a talented kid, he stepped into the field of shows, movies from a very young age of 11. He made his way to the small screen world with the help of her baby sister, who played the role of one of the baby characters in the popular television series under the genre of comedy named Fat Friends. Not only did his sister played a notable role, but he was also cast for a supporting role in the series. Followed by the success and fame that he earned from the show at a very young age made him more interested in the field of acting. Other than that, he also started taking classes to improve his skills in acting.

Apart from his passion for the field of acting, soon enough, he developed an interest in the field of not only singing but also became interested in writing new songs. With this, he started taking classes for music. Shortly his passion for music led him to the audition stage of the popular music reality show named The X Factor. He took part in the audition of the seventh season, which was organized in the year 2010.

Despite such huge competition, he impressed the judges in the audition round and made his way into the show.  But as fate may happen, he faced the round of elimination just a few rounds before the finals. But being impressed by his talent, he was made partnered with a group. Soon enough, the group converted themselves into a band with the title One Direction. Having such talented singers, the group released some of their songs which made it to the list of the popular charts. With that within no time, the group eared their popularity which further made them famous around the world.

Childhood and Education

who is louis tomlinson dating
Louis Tomlinson as a kid

Born on the 24th of December in 1991 in the beautiful city of Doncaster, which is the state named South Yorkshire, which is located in England, was the kid who grew up to be one of the popular singers of England named Louis Troy Austin. Gaining popularity, he changed his name to Louis Tomlinson. Apart from that, he was born in the family of Johana Poulson and Troy Austin. But as fate may happen in the when Louis’s age was just a few weeks kid his parents parted their ways legally. After some time, his mother married another man whose name was Mark Tomlinson, and he further took up the


who is louis tomlinson dating
Louis Tomlinson as a judge in The X Factor

Being passionate about singing, he made his way to the stage of the popular singing reality show titled The X Factor. Being impressed by his talent, he made his way to the show. But as fate may happen few rounds before the final round he faced the round of elimination. But everything happens for a reason, soon after being out of the show, he formed a group which further established themselves as one of the most famous band with the title One direction.

With this, his career went on remaining on the positive side of the graph. Soon enough, he released his popular single with the title Back to You. Being sung by such a great singer, the song made its way to acquire the 8th position in the list of UK Singles Chart. Followed by the success of his previous song, he made his way to be a part of the popular reality show named The X Factor. He was offered the position to be the judge of the show in the fifteenth series.

Who is Louis Tomlinson dating?

who is louis tomlinson dating
Louis Tomlinson with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder

The popular singer who is also one of the lead people of the popular band named One Direction is Louis Tomlinson. Talking about his dating life, he has been dating the popular model named Eleanor Calder for a long time. The couple has been together through many ups and downs of Louis’s career. Though the couple kept their relationship under the carpet in the initial years of their relationship, as it is said, nothing can escape the eyes of the media, in the year 2011, the couple made their first appearance in public. But as fate may happen, the couple is said to have parted their ways in 2015.

The news of their breakup spread when Eleanor Calder changes her account name on Instagram. Not only that, but she further removed the tag of Louis in one of their couple pictures. This altogether made the fans question their relationship status. But to everyone’s surprise, a rumor started spreading about the couple in 2020. It is said that the couple that is Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson was about to get engaged. Shortly after that, the couple declared that the rumors are fake.

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