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Who Is Lorraine Nash? All About Jason Nash’s Mother

Who is Lorraine Nash?
Lorraine Nash

For those who have the question, Who Is Lorraine Nash? She is the mother of American YouTuber, actor, and comedian Jason Nash. Jason is best known for his channel on Vine. Though Vine was discontinued in 2016, he appeared in David Dobrik’s YouTube vlogs. Soon after, Jason started his own channel named after himself on the video-sharing platform. His channel where he posts vlogs has amassed 3.16 million subscribers.

Lorraine Nash has featured in her son’s YouTube videos. Recently, she went viral on the internet for marrying David Dobrik, the famous YouTuber prankster and vlogger whose channel has an 18.3 million huge subscriber base. David Dobrik is known for being the leader of the popular group ‘The Vlog Squad’ and for his crazy pranks. He divorced Jason’s mother within a month of their marriage. He is a good friend of Jason Nash, and they both have featured in a lot of vlogs together. Dobrik had met Jason when Jason was performing a set at a comedy club. Let’s jump a bit more into the life of the actress.

Who is Lorraine Nash: A look into her life

Lorraine Charlotte Nash is an actress known for the TV show ‘David’s Vlog’ and the movie ‘Jason Nash Is Married’. She has also played the character of Lady Tara in the American mockumentary ‘Review’. Born on 15th February 1944, she is an American and currently stays in Massachusetts. While she does not have much of an acting portfolio, she is often seen in her son’s vlogs. The 77-year-old has two grandchildren named Wyatt and Charley. The estimated net worth of the actress is between $1-5 million.

Who is Lorraine Nash?

Lorraine Nash with husband, David Dobrik

What really made Lorraine the talk of the town was her marriage to then 22-year-old David Dobrik. They both exchanged vows in Las Vegas in May 2019, and the marriage was 100% legal, leaving no shred of fakeness whatsoever. Lorraine and David flew off to Hawaii quickly after their marriage to celebrate their honeymoon. Within a month, the marriage broke off and is seen as one of the craziest pranks David has pulled off. David had posted on Instagram about their marriage as well as their divorce.

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Lorraine And David’s Marriage: How it actually happened

This whole thing started off during one of David’s vlogs on the 18th of May 2019, when Jason and David were discussing about Jason’s kids. David, trying to make fun of Jason, told him that Jason’s kids liked his ex-wife’s new boyfriend more than Jason at which Jason came back saying that David would never have an ex-wife because no one would marry him ever. This seemed to tick off David in a way, and that is how the whole idea of marrying Jason’s mother as a prank came to Dobrik’s mind.

David Dobrik proposing to Lorraine Nash

David Dobrik proposing to Lorraine Nash

Dobrik flew off to Boston to ask for Lorraine’s hand, and she seemed to be quite interested. She also said that his proposal was hysterical. Upon returning from their honeymoon in Hawaii, David told Jason what all had transpired in just a few days. Jason reacted to this by applauding with laughter.

Public perception of the prank

The friendship between Jason and David hasn’t changed after all that happened. Funnily, David still sometimes calls Jason his son. Jason Nash might not have been affected by this prank, and he may have laughed it off, but the fans, media, and some fellow YouTubers have expressed criticism about the prank. David also posted an apology video on social media, however, the video seems to have done little to assuage the fans and media. The 25-year-old millionaire has been mired in controversies and allegations, including racism and the biggest of them all being rape. We can only wonder what kind of response and action David will or will not take to keep his image clean. If there’s one thing David Dobrik learned through all of this, it’s that marriage is not a piece of cake and getting an annulment is a long, long process.

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