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Who Is Lil Huddy Dating, Is He Back With His Ex Charli D’Amelio?

Who is Lil Huddy dating?
Are Lil Huddy and Charli back together?

Are Lil Huddy (Chase Hudson) and Charli D’amelio back together? Well, a lot of sources and a new song prove the statement. Recently, Chase Hudson, also known as Lil Huddy professionally, released a new music video for his song, America’s Sweetheart. And it featured his ex-flame and girlfriend, Charli D’amelio. The fans of the two are suspecting if the Tiktok star couple is back. So, what is the current relationship status of Lil Huddy? Does he have a new girlfriend? Find out all the details in the article down below. Also, make sure to watch the video for his new song for nostalgia and steamy romance.

The recent release by Lil Hiddy is giving up many hints to question his relationship with Tiktok queen and phenomenon Charli D’amelio. The lyrics of the song talk about a bad guy and the “America’s Sweetheart.” We all know about Chae (Lil Huddy) and Charlie’s messy breakup that happened back in April 2020. Even though the two broke up, the exes remained good friends.

So, have they reconciled now? The fans of the two are baffled by the situation right now. Theories are emerging, but what actually is the situation? Know the complete story down below.

Who is Lil Huddy Dating? Is He Back WIth Charli D’Amelio?

The fans of the 18-year-old were furious yet happy last night. The moment the new song came out, they cannot stress enough what to think about- enjoy the song or make theories. The new song is an emotional piece as Lil Huddy sings about his toxic and messy relationship with Charli.

Who is Lil Huddy dating?

Even though the rumors are spreading like fire everywhere, nothing is officially confirmed at the moment. None of the Tiktok stars have made any statement regarding their reconciliation or current relationship status. So, we guess we have to wait for them to comment on the situation.

Lil Huddy or Chase started dating Charlie back in December 2019. But, unfortunately, the two broke up after a couple of months in April. Thier breakup became the biggest gossip of that time. Later, it was revealed that Chase cheated on Charli, but no feuds were presented in public. Besides, Chase is very close to Amelio’s family and his sister, even after breaking up.

The fans of the two are rooting for the duo to get back together. However, some believe that the song was shot back when the two were together. Hence, it is quite difficult to determine Lil Huddy’s dating life at the moment. But, we will make sure to keep you updated as soon as any update comes out.

Lil Huddy Admits The Song Is About Charli

In a recent interview, Lil Huddy admitted that the song is indeed written for his ex-girlfriend, Charli. He said that Charli was the inspiration behind the song. Also, he revealed that it was written after they broke up, subsequently when they two got out of the relationship. Thus, it proves that the video was not shot when they were together. Here, we cleared one of your confusions.

Who is Lil Huddy dating?

Lil Huddy

“Back when quarantine first started, I was going through a really tough time. I wasn’t able to see anybody, go outside, go to a f*cking grocery store. I felt so alone during that time, and that was when she and I were going through our rough sh*t,” says the 18-year-old singer and internet star.

He mentioned how he was never able to pen down his emotions and all the heaviness he was going g through. But, he finally decided to do so. And that’s when he penned down the song. Huddy also mentioned that he loves putting “easter eggs” for his fans in his music. And that’s why he collaborated with his ex-girlfriend for his new project. But, what could this easter egg possibly indicate?

Huddy confessed that he and Charlie have outgrown the past and are now cool. So, they were hanging out one day, and he decided to share his new song with her. His team asked him to approach the TikTok star, and they thought that she would be the best choice for the song. Indeed, she was the perfect cast.

Charlie gives the video its essence and meaning with her soulfully crafted moves. She and Huddy express thousands of emotions as they get close and feature in the music video. You can watch it down below.

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