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Who Is Lauren Zima Dating? Personal Life of The Bachelor’s Host

The host of the Bachelor: Roses And Rose, Lauren Zima, is dating the man of her dreams. Lauren made her first television appearance in 2009 by appearing on the MTV Disaster Dates. On the show, Lauren Zima had a dry dating life. She went on a couple of blinds dates. But apparently, it seems it’s very hard to charm Lauren Zima. In one of her interviews, she said that she wanted someone who could drive miles for her because she like long drives, and she added on to her statement by saying, and obviously, he can afford the gas and the car.

She winked to the interview just after making the statement. After she quit the show, she was offered the position of anchor and creative director by the Entertainment Toginst. She was a part of a stint that talks about how reality shows worked. It was mostly digging dirt and gossip about the contestant of Disaster Dates. The production even dragged her to the court for it, but she was able to strike an agreement. In 2015 she was offered the job of a host for the show called “The Bachelor: Roses and Rose.

Who Is Lauren Zima Dating?

Lauren Zima Giving Her Boyfriend Chris Harrison A Haircut. (Credits: Entertainment Tonight)

During the show, she met the love of her life, Chris Harrison. Chris has been hosting The Bachelor for a very long time now. Lauren Zima said that she had been crushing over Christ for a very long time. It was always her dream to work with him. She added to her statement by saying actually working with him was not a dream come He was a dream come true.

Who Is Lauren Zima Dating?

Lauren Zima is dating Chris Harrison. They both met each other at the set of “The Bachelor,”  obviously. However, Lauren always had an eye on the gentleman. But Chirs was preoccupied with his family issues at that moment. Chris said that he always knew that he dilates Lauren’s pupils. He said, but that girl never crossed her line. He added to his statement by saying she made it very sure that she maintains her dignity and integrity even though she was crazy for him.

Chris said that Lauren is the most decent and gentlewoman he has ever met. He said she is so particular about boundaries that she would ask for a person’s permission even before hugging someone. Irrespective of their gender. He said one fine day she came to him and told him that Lauren loved him. But at that moment, he was preoccupied with his family issues. He didn’t say no, but he very politely explains to her what is his situation. He said that was a very rough time for him. Chris finalized his divorce from his wife in 2012. But they still had two children together. And his children hated him for hosting the show “The Bachelors.”

He said the last thing he wants in his life to be judged by his own children. He said he talked to Lauren about his problems, and she is a very good listener. Chris said she didn’t give me any advice or sympathy. She just told me to follow my heart, and my heart led me to her. However, they both kept on pushing their relationship away. But finally, in 2018, they both officially started dating.

Did Lauren Zima And Chris Harrison Got Married?

Recently Chris Harrison posted a picture of him and Lauren kissing each other. Lauren was wearing a floor-length gown, and she looked like a bride. The picture was captioned “I Melt With You.” When the picture went live, everyone started congratulating them because it seemed that the couple walked down the aisle after fours of dating.

Who Is Lauren Zima Dating?

Lauren Zima And Chris Harrison Together. (Credits: ET)

However, the couple cleared the air by saying, thank you, everyone, for your congratulation but they both went to attend someone’s wedding, and they shared a moment from that wedding. So, Lauren Zima and Chris Harrison are not married. Lauren Zima made a comment saying that she never knew her bride’s maid dress would pull out a wedding look. She said she would love to marry Chris someday but not now. She said she always wanted to be a wife but not when they both are ready.

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