Who Is Koyomi Araragi From Bakemonogatari? – Character Analysis

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Araragi Koyomi character analysis
Koyomi Araragi

Supernatural beings in anime aren’t something new and have thus been a part of many stories for a long time. Of course, people have different preferences when it comes to genres, but there is no denying that anything that involves supernatural aspects makes the story automatically interesting. The Monogatari series only gives us supernatural aspects in the story but also touches on many realistic themes. The protagonist from the series, Koyomi Araragi, is one of the realistic characters in anime. He also becomes one of the most recallable characters, as watching him also gives us many life lessons.

The Monogatari series is an anime adapted from a light novel written and illustrated by Nisio Isin and Vofan, respectively. Although the anime has one of the most “Kawaii” openings, the anime is much darker than it seems. The story revolves around the life of Koyomi Araragi and the supernatural events that take place in his life as he tries to help the acquaintances he makes. This series also has gained a manga adaptation with the name “Bakemonogatari,” illustrated by Oh! Great. The title comes from two Japanese words, Bakemono meaning Monster and Monogatari meaning Story.

Who Is Koyomi Araragi?

As mentioned above, Koyomi Araragi is the main character and narrator for most of the Monogatari story arcs. His story is an interesting one as he was turned into a vampire over a spring break. Araragi, then, is introduced to many other female characters. These characters are shown to have either some dark secret that they cannot let anyone in on or some traumatic past that they carry with them. Their mental problems manifest themselves in supernatural ways. Araragi is then left to encounter them as he helps them overcome what they are going through. Not only this, but as he meets new people, making friends and enemies, he also engages in the journey of self-discovery. He finds out a lot about himself and, towards the end, makes peace with all his regrets.

He is the oldest son of the Araragi family. His parents are police officers who are rarely at home because of their work. Koyomi Araragi also has two younger sisters. His relationship with his sisters is that of any typical sibling’s as they fight as well as care about each other’s well-being. Regardless, his sisters are very fond of their brother. Araragi is also someone who undergoes a lot of changes as events keep taking place in his life. That being said, Araragi also has some aspects about him that he wouldn’t like to change and has come to accept them as his traits.

Koyomi Araragi character analysis
Koyomi’s Siblings: Karen Araragi and Tsukihi Araragi

Araragi Is A Complex Character

As the title suggests, Araragi is indeed one of the most complex characters in anime which also makes him a relatable character.


Araragi’s personality was very different from what he is like in the present. He was always seen to be a loner by choice, making him antisocial. Araragi used to dislike making friends, stating one of his most famous dialogues, “Making Friends would lower my Integrity as a Human”. Thus, he used to not mix around with anyone and was content with being by himself. This is something that has two meanings. One is that if his friends get hurt, he will get hurt. The second meaning simply means that having friends would give him something to be afraid to lose, making him vulnerable.

However, it is also known that he did not come to this philosophy on a whim but because of his past trauma caused by the incident with Sodachi Oikura, his childhood friend. This, however, lasts until he meets the person who influenced his life, Tsubasa Hanekawa, a girl about his age who changed his perceptions about friendship. Interestingly, Hanekawa has some secrets about herself too.

Araragi Koyomi character analysis
Koyomi Araragi and Tsubasa Hanekawa


When it comes down to it, Araragi is a kind character who wouldn’t mind sacrificing himself for the sake of others, whether he likes them or not. This part of his personality is revealed when we come to know the reason behind why he is half a vampire. One night he went outside to buy himself some adult magazines. To his surprise, he comes across a vampire who has lost her limbs and is on the brink of death. With fear, he runs away, only to return shortly after. Araragi, then, offers his body to her for blood and manages to save the vampire. He names her Shinobu Oshino, who has since then stuck by his side and depends on him.

This also shows that Araragi has a savior complex, which is a behavior that is repeated not once but many times throughout the anime. However, it is also worth noting that this complex can be selfish since he is trying to live up to his ideal sense of being righteous. He also dislikes it when people follow the crowd and dislikes how most things, when it comes to Justice, is decided based on majority preferences. Thus, he has his own definition of Justice, which indeed roots from his family’s profession. Regardless, Araragi is a character who is looking for a change. He is even seen telling his sibling that he will be going on a “self-discovery journey” at one point. He is very introspective about whatever he does.

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7 Facts about Koyomi Araragi

Although we have looked into the mind of the character Koyomi Araragi and have analyzed most of his behavior, here are seven facts about Araragi Koyomi.

1. Araragi Was Born In April

Koyomi Araragi was born in the month of April. However, the exact date isn’t known. It is said that he was born somewhere between April 10th to April 15th, while some claim that he was born on April 14th.

2. Koyomi Araragi’s Zodiac Sign is Aries

Aries is the first astrological sign among the other zodiac signs. It is said that the people with this sign like to be in control of their lives. They are very opinionated people and are often very honest, even if they seem to be rude. The people with this zodiac sign are also considered to be highly self-aware. Araragi, too, fits most of these descriptions well. As mentioned above, he is constantly thinking about the things related to himself as well as the things taking place in his surroundings, which helps him gain a better grip on how he handles situations. Not only this, but he is most of the time quick to take action, a trait that the people under the Aries sign are said to possess.

3. Koyomi Araragi Types As An INFP According To MBTI

INFPs give high regard to their values. They are also known as Idealists and are driven by high ideals. They usually like diving deeper into questioning who they are and how they fit in the world. Koyomi Araragi seems to fit these descriptions very well. Not only this, but INFPs are very introspective of their own thoughts and feelings. They sometimes may act on impulse, saving even their worst enemies if their ideals allow them to do so.

4. Koyomi Araragi Has Been Surrounded By “Justice” All His Life

As mentioned above, Justice is something that drives Araragi, even if he doesn’t like it. Interestingly, he was always surrounded by “Justice” in his family as his parents were police officers who are supposed to be symbols of Justice. Not only this, but his sisters call themselves “Heroes of Justice”, much to his annoyance.

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5. He Has Vampire Fangs

Vampires and Fangs obviously go along, but Araragi’s fangs are almost never seen in the series. However, he does have vampire fangs. A glimpse of it can be seen in Episode 1 of the anime Bakemonogatari. It is also seen in Kizumonogatari.

Araragi Koyomi character analysis
A Glimpse of Araragi’s Vampire Fangs from Kizumonogatari

6. Araragi Prefers Girls With Short-Hair

The Monogatari series introduces us to many pretty female characters. However, they all, to some extent, cater to Araragi’s preference. Almost all the female characters in the anime have at some point had their hair cut short. This change in their hairstyle could also mean that they have accepted some changes in life, thanks to the existence of Araragi Kiyomi, who helps them through many issues, supernatural and mental.

7. Araragi Is Good At Math

Koyomi Araragi is on the edge of failing his classes, yet he is smart. The only subject Araragi is really good at is Math. This is because he was taught by his Sodachi Oikura. This, in turn, bites him back as he turns out to be better than his tutor in the subject. This leaves her with bitter hatred towards him.

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