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Who Is Kelley Flanagan Dating?

Who Is Kelley Flanagan Dating?
Here is all you need to know about who Kelley Flanagan is dating.

Kelley Flanagan, the American TV personality who rose to fame from the ABC TV series ‘The Bachelor’ recently spilled some beans about her personal life. She showed up on the “Off the Vine” podcast with Kaitlyn Bristowe. While she was there, she helped her followers get a deeper look at her personal and social life. She revealed details about her breakup with Peter Weber. She even went on to state a few things about her new boyfriend. Kelley disclosed about this new person and everything that has happened on their dates till now. So, let us see further in the article everything about Kelley Flanagan and her new boyfriend.

Everything you need to know about Kelley Flanagan:

Early Life:

Constance Kelley Flanagan, better known as Kelley Flanagan is an American TV personality who became popular after being a part of the ABC series The Bachelor. Kelley was born on 25th February 1992 in North Barrington (Illinois) and is hence 29 years old. Thomas Flanagan is her father who is also the managing partner and founder of the Flanagan Bilton Tax Management. Anyhow, Kelley has not yet introduced her mother to the media. She has five siblings in total, one sister and four brothers. Their names are Pamela, Michael, Thomas Jr., John, and Jim.

Who Is Kelley Flanagan Dating?

A still of Kelley Flanagan from ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24.

She is of Caucasian ethnicity and completed her education at the University of Alabama. She was actually a tax consultant and an attorney at her family’s law firm i.e. Flanagan Bilton LLC. However, later on, she joined the 24th season of ‘The Bachelor’ as a contestant. However, she got eliminated in the 7th week which made her the fifth runner-up. Despite her elimination, she rose to fame very well and worked her way up in the entertainment industry. As a result, she now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and boasts a net worth of approximately $400k.

Personal Life:

Talking about the dating scenario, Kelley started dating Peter Weber in May 2020 courtesy of ‘The Bachelor’. However, just about 4 months ago i.e. on 31st December 2020, Peter announced the news of their breakup on his official Instagram account. He stated that they had decided to go separate ways as things were not quite working out. Kelley didn’t really comment anything on this but recently opened up on a podcast. Anyhow, Kelley is a present-day woman who does not require the help of a man to take her care. She has eminently big standards. However, the only thing she looks at in her man is to push her forward rather than holding her back. Talking about her personal life, Kelley is allergic to dairy, black tea, and gluten. The thought of people not listening to her makes her really angry. Talking about hobbies, Kelley loves to travel. As a result, she has visited 26 countries to date.

Who Is Kelley Flanagan Dating?

A still of Kelley Flanagan with her former boyfriend Peter Weber.

Who is Kelley Flanagan currently dating?

Kelley Flanagan, in the podcast “Off the Vine” with Kaitlyn Bristowe, revealed that she is currently in an exclusive relationship with someone special. She slipped it in slyly during the podcast. Anyhow, Bristowe later asked Flanagan whether she would go on a date with a social media influencer. However, Flanagan immediately answered that the man she is currently seeing is almost the exact opposite of one. Nevertheless, she highly appreciated him as she stated that the guy just makes her feel ‘special’ and ‘great’. Apart from this, during a Q&A session with the Bachelor Nation on Instagram recently, Flanagan had mentioned a few traits she would love to have in her partner. “Nerdy,” “Supportive,” and “Trustworthy” were the attributes she mentioned.

Who Is Kelley Flanagan Dating?

A still of Kelley Flanagan.

Apart from all this, Kelley also expressed how she was a hopeless romantic but she loves public displays of affection. Anyhow, it is still unknown as to who Flanagan is dating currently. Nobody even knows the name of the person. Moreover, we do not know how serious the relationship is yet. After all, she has not revealed the guy to the Bachelor Nation as of now. Nevertheless, it is pretty clear that her fans only want what is best for her. She has been through nothing short of a roller coaster of emotions during her time with Weber. She would definitely love some stability at this point and her words surely imply that she is getting it from her new relationship. So, let us just wish that everything goes well and she’ll introduce us to her better half soon.

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