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Who Is Frankie Sims From TOWIE Dating? Instagram Posts Confirms Relationship

Who is Frankie Sims Dating

Frankie Sims is an English reality TV star. She is popular for starring in the 25th season The Only Way Is Essex. She is very popular on social media sites such as Instagram as well. On the TOWIE show, her life, along with her cousin Chloe and Demi Sims, has attracted a lot of audiences. Naturally, her relationships have also been under the public eye as well. Frankie Sims is now dating the former Love Island winner Jack Fincham. Weeks after they were spotted sharing a kiss on a night out, they’ve made it official. At the end of May this year, they took to Instagram to announce that they’re dating. Posting on their respective profiles, they opened up about their dating to the fans. The two celebrities have apparently dated sometime before as well. Now they’ve come back together and it seems this time they’re here to stay together.

Frankie posted a photo of her sitting on Jack’s lap on Instagram, confirming their romantic relationship. Frankie wrote: “Boyfriend material. That’s what he says @jack_charlesf we were together in 2019 & we reunited in 2021 xx.” Meanwhile, Frankie’s sister and The Only Way Is Essex co-stars, Chloe and Demi also approved of their relationship. They also took to their Instagram profiles and revealed that the pair were together after 2/3 years. Jack Fincham has dated Frankie’s TOWIE co-star Chloe Brockett before. He broke up with her just weeks before he started dating Frankie. Sims. Jack broke up with his Love Island co-star and co-winner Dani in 2018. The same year, he and Frankie had a little fling for a while. Read on to find out more about who Frankie Sims is dating and what she had to say about the relationship.

Frankie Sims and Jack Fincham dating

Frankie and Jack seem kissing weeks before confirming their relationship.

Who Is Frankie Sims Dating? What Does The TOWIE Star Feel About Her New Beau?

Almost 2 years later, they’re back together and seem to me deeply fallen in love with each other. Taking to The Sun, Frankie sheds light on the details of her new and rekindled relationship. “We’ve got history,” said Frankie, on rekindling her relationship with Jack Fincham. The couple has a history together from before but things didn’t quite work out for them back then. “We met in 2019 and we had a fling bit it didn’t work out,” Frankie said. However, things didn’t pan out because they lived quite apart from each other. “I lived up north and he lived down here,” she added. The two met each other again and got together instantly, according to Frankie. Talking about the spark in the relationship, she said that they’ve got great chemistry together. “Jack’s got something about him where I’m just like, ‘yeah I like that,” she added.

The TOWIE star also said that she doesn’t have chemistry with a lot of people. However, Jack is one of the rare ones with whom she instantly gelled and developed great chemistry. The TOWIE star feels that her new beau is the one who’s also everything she looked for in a partner. “That’s all I was looking for in life,” she said about having Jack in her life. “He’s walked into my life and we have an amazing time together,” she continued. She also showered praises and compliments for Jack, saying he’s the perfect person to have a laugh with. Their rekindled relationship came into being just weeks after Fincham breaking up with Chloe Brockett. Chloe is the co-star Frankie on TOWIE. Frankie told The Sun that there was no overlap with their relationships.

Who Is Jack Fincham dating

TOWIE star Frankie Sims is dating Love Island season 4 winner Jack Fincham.

Jack Fincham Previously Dated Sims’s TOWIE Co-star Chloe Brockett

Talking about Brockett, Frankie said that she was respectful towards her. “There is no bad blood between me and her,” she said. Meanwhile, Chloe also took to Instagram Stories to show her support for the two. “Morning guys! I’ve had so many messages saying horrible things about Frankie and Jack,” Brockett wrote on her Instagram story. She also added that she and Jack hadn’t been seeing each other for “over a month”. Confirming that she and Jack were now over, she wrote, “Frankie owes me nothing!” Brockett then also went on to wish the couple the best in their relationship, confirming that all is good between them. So there you go! Frankie Sims is dating Jack Fincham and you can expect both of them to make many future TV appearances together. For any future news regarding the TOWIE star, we’ll keep you posted!

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