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Fai Khadra Girlfriend: Is He Dating One Of The Jenner Sisters?

Who Is Fai Khadra Dating
Fai Khadra

Do you know Who Is Fai Khadra Dating? Kylie Jenner made headlines when she was spotted with this mysterious person. While media tabloids clicked several pictures of the two together, it seems like everyone was curious to know more about this man who was suddenly in the picture!  We are talking about the make-up mogul’s good friend Fai Khadra! The model also has his label as he believes that it is really hard to find good basics, whether that’s in apparel, beauty, or home wear.

To solve this problem, Fai plans to launch a label that is based around comfortable, reasonably priced everyday basics made from organically sourced materials. He is a dog lover and has a furry companion himself. Fai Khadra came into the media attention after he was linked with both the Jenner sisters! From accompanying them on vacations to being their plus one at the weddings, it seems like the man is on friendly terms in the Jenner household! Let us take a look at all the details about Who Is Fai Khadra Dating. 

Who Is Fai Khadra Dating?

Last year Kylie Jenner sparked major dating rumors with Fai after all the pictures from the Utah vacation went viral via her Instagram Story. Followers were stuck to notice that Khadra appears in several of the snaps. While it was a group trip as this adventurous group of friends was seen climbing mountains, boating, and hanging in the pool. The two came under fire after they were spotted in Paris without their masks, and many called them out for ignoring the pandemic.

Who Is Fai Khadra Dating

Who Is Fai Khadra Dating

These rumors were fuelled after the two even went to Paris, and these pictures soon found it’s way on Kylie’s social media. However, the two are just friends, and nothing romantic is happening between the two. Kylie Jenner is expecting her second child with beau Travis Scott. The pregnancy announcement has taken the internet by storm! There were rumors that the makeup mogul has reportedly unfollowed Fai on social media!

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Did Fai Khadra Dated Supermodel Kendall Jenner?

These rumors were not limited to Kylie only as Fai was linked with the other Jenner sister as well! These romance rumors sparked after supermodel Kendall jokingly teased the idea of starting a family with Khadra. This came in the form of an Instagram photo of the alleged pair with Kim Kardashian’s kids Psalm and Saint West. Although his relationships with both Kendall and Kylie were not romantic, fans could not help but speculate that something is in between the two.

Khadra and Kendall filled romance rumors after the supermodel took him to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s wedding as her plus one. However, even before fans could jump to any conclusions, Kendall soon gave a cryptic caption that sounded more like a disclaimer saying that they don’t date, but he’s just her date! This statutory caption was not effective enough as it could not recent people from speculating about the nature of their Santa Monica outing. There were rumours that before being linked with the Jenner sisters, Fai was dating Kylie’s former best friend, Jordyn Woods. This rumor came into existence after Fai was once seen holding hands while walking down the street with Jordyn! 

Is Fai  More Than A Friend For The Jenner Sisters?

Like proper friends Kendall and Khadra celebrated Halloween 2017 while they were dressed as a Fembot and Austin Powers, posing for pictures on her social media. The alleged pair also attended Coachella with a group. The two have even seen together on numerous occasions but have always been friends and nothing more. 

Who Is Fai Khadra Dating

Who Is Fai Khadra Dating

The two soon became the center of attention for media and paparazzi as they were spotted at courtside at Wimbledon and were spotted boating on her Instagram Stories. However, these rumors soon fizzled out as Kendall Jenner is currently dating athlete Devin Booker. The two even packed on the PDA for Fai Khadra’s recent birthday bash. The two are setting some serious BFF goals for all of us! 

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