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Who Is Clive Owen Dating? The Yorkshire Farm Star!

Meet The Owen Family.
Meet The Owen Family.

Popular reality television pair Amanda and Clive Owen gained worldwide recognition after their simple farm-style living in the Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm. Fans love the Owen family and how they have taken up various fun activities in the show. The Owen family includes a live and Amanda and their happy family with their young ones. The couple recently spilled the tea about their marriage, age gap, and how they met each other for the first time. Β Amanda Owen was recently seen experimenting with food as she was serving up a rhubarb bread and butter pudding. Here, we will read all about who is Clive Owen dating.

Amanda later discussed how to make it, she revealed how Clive had gone all posh since us EA’s of the Channel 5 show. Amanda Clive recently took fans by surprise after she was looking stunning for her appearance inΒ The Great Yorkshire Show. Amanda looked beautiful while dressed in a blue and white floral frock and added a large hat for the occasion. She completed the look while letting her long hair loose over her shoulders, the popular farmer and television star completed her outfit with a pair of sparkly drop earrings that grabbed attention. Let us take a look at Who Is Clive Owen Dating.

Who Is Clive Owen Dating?

The Yorkshire Farm couple Clive and Amanda maintain a low profile when it comes to their person all life. While their day-to-day activities are covered on Channel 5 show, the pair have been through it all! Despite the twenty years age gap between the two, their marital bliss was strong enough for them to get going.

Owens Open Up About Farm Life

Owens Open Up About Farm Life

As the pair recalled, Amanda came knocking on Clive’s door on a cold Yorkshire night, asking to borrow a tup which is a male sheep. Clive Owen admitted that he was pretty much taken aback by the woman who came knocking at his door! Little did they knew how their fate is going to intertwine for good.Β 

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Clive And Amanda Owen Share Their Happy Marriage Secret!

While reflecting on how they met, Amanda Owen revealed that it was a slow burn thing as they kind of got to know each other admitted. She looked way back in 1996 when she was aged just 21! The Yorkshire star further added that with both coming from non-farming backgrounds, they were kind of peas in a pod, really, but were not aware of that at the time. However, for Clive, he was pretty much smitten during their first encounter itself. Take a look at this video as Amanda Owen takes a stroll down the meadows.


It was five years after meeting that the pair tied the knot in 2000 and have since gone to have their beautiful family. This picture-perfect family includes their nine kids and a huge farm with 1,000 sheep, 40 cows, six dogs, and four ponies. Although Amanda and Clive revealed that they initially did not plan to have such a large family. They are more than happy to be parents to Anna, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney. With their children also learning the ways of farm life, they will take up the responsibilities someday.

Amanda Owen Faces Major Backlash After Joining Forces With Morrisons!

Amanda Owen has become a fan favorite celeb after the overwhelming popularity of her Show and her impressive social media presence. However, fans were not quite thrilled after Amanda Owen announced that she is collaborating with supermarket giant Morrisons. Many slammed the 46-year-old Owen matriarch for being a sell-out and expressed their disappointment. They were claiming that the Owen family is capitalizing on their fame with the collaboration.

The Owen Family

The Owen Family

Some even claimed that the farming star went down the advertising route. However, many supporters stepped in and defended Amanda saying that times are tough during the pandemic and they should all be a bit compassionate and kind. Even Amanda Owen was candid and admitted that these promotional posts help keep her eldest daughter Raven financially stable while studying at University. While haters kept on backlashing the celeb, fans soon asked them to be kind.Β 

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