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Who Is Choi Young Ah? Is She Kim Seon Ho’s Rumoured Ex-Girlfriend?

Who Is Choi Young Ah
Who Is Choi Young Ah?

‘Who is Choi Young Ah?’, netizens have been looking up about the former weathercaster. Ever since, South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho landed in controversy because of his ex-girlfriend. People have been trying to find out who the ex-girlfriend is. And it seems they have found her, as Choi Young Ah, who has worked for some renowned news channels. Her name became one of the top searched terms on various portal sites all over the world. With this not-so-good popularity rising, Young Ah has switched her social media accounts and business to private.

Although there is no confirmation if accusing party ‘A’ is, in fact, Choi Young Ah. Things are already going down regarding the case as ‘A’ has gone the legal way to deal with the after-effects of the controversy. Her attorneys, Lee Dong Hoon and Jung Da Eun of the law firm Best Way issued a public notice regarding her personal information being leaked. They have asked reporters to stop with the investigation and meddling into the life of ‘A’. As they will be taking all the possible legal measures in response to malicious reports, posts, or comments related to ‘A’.”

Who Is Choi Young Ah

Who Is Choi Young Ah? Is she Kim Seon Ho’s former girlfriend?

Who Is Choi Young Ah?

Not much is known about the former news media personality. But it wouldn’t take long for fans of the actors to dig up information about her. Other than that, Choi Young Ah joined YTN as a weathercaster in 2009 and later on went on to work for KBS. After dating and getting married to a food businessman, she went on to retire from her career as a weathercaster. But the former couple got divorced for unknown reasons just after seventeen days of marriage. Young Ah went on to start her own business, opening up a shopping mall, which was pretty successful, until the controversy began.

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Everything About The Controversy

An anonymous account on the online community Nate Pann, going with ‘A’ claimed to be the former girlfriend of ‘Actor K’ i.e. Kim Seon Ho. She went on to accuse him of promising to marry her and making her abort their child. As he was working on a project and because he was a star and at a sensitive point in his career. She also revealed how the actor broke up with her through a phone call, as some paparazzi had knowledge about their relationship. Accusing him of all the emotional abuse, gaslighting and manipulation, and all the problems she had to go through from the medical bills and changing locations. She revealed how he never even apologized, let alone paid the medical bills, and was always after money.

Who Is Choi Young Ah

Actor Kim Seon Ho (l) and Former forecaster Choi Young Ah (r)

After a few days of all the ruckus, Salt Entertainment and actor Kim Seo Ho released a public statement. The actor has apologized for his actions and the effects his actions had on his ex-girlfriend. While the ex-girlfriend (rumored to be Choi Young Ah) has accepted the apology and hopes to talk in the civil way. With her information out in public, she is not getting the best response from the people out there. This didn’t really sit right with the actors’ fans, as they have been sending threats and hate to Young Ah.

Another Anonymous Involvement

A person close to the actor and his former girlfriend took to social media and gave a third-person perspective. Offering to reveal the truth, they said that they were almost done with all the fact checks. And will publicly reveal things need to be out on October 25. While many netizens thought this anonymous account could belong to Kim Seon Ho’s current girlfriend. The account has denied all relationship claims. Asking to stop spreading false rumors and allegations. While another unknown account pointed out how this could be a trick played by the actor’s own agency to make him stay. Considering many agencies threaten their artists by leaking their secrets when they try to leave.

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