Who Is Chloe Bailey Dating? The Grown-ish Star’s Personal Life

Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey is one of the rising young stars in the making who gained worldwide recognition after being one of the two members of Chloe x Halle. After that, she was also cast in the spin-off series Grown-ish as well. Her acting skills were well appreciated by fans. However, the young celeb also managed to make headlines for her personal life as well. From being romantically linked with her co-star to sparking rumors with Jaden Smith, Chloe is garnering huge attention from media tabloids. However, it seems like the co-stars Chloe and Diggy Simmons took their reel life romance and turned it into a real one.

Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey have been known for their sisterhood and their musical collaboration with Chloe x Halle. However, there is speculation that the two sisters have drifted apart over time and might soon be focusing more on their solo careers. These rumors were all out to rest after the sisters conducted a few live sessions and everything seems to be fine between the two. For now, both the sisters are keeping busy with their back to back releases and upcoming projects,

Who Is Chloe Bailey Dating: Is She Still Dating Co-Star Diggy Simmons?

The Grown-ish star was romantically linked with co-star Diggy Simmons back in 2019. These rumors came in the first place after the alleged pair was spotted getting cost at Dave & Busters. Later, Chloe x Halle released a song titled Busy Boy, and the lyrics hinted at a personal story involving Simmons. Neither of the two ever confirmed these ongoing rumors. Not to forget how the two earlier revealed that being in love and being heartbroken served as their inspiration.

Chloe Bailey Dating

Halle however, implied later in an Instagram live session about dating an unnamed Grown-ish star. Some of the songs that the two sisters released later we’re hinted at Diggy. So.muh so that his name was trending. Later,  fans were pretty sure about Chloe talking about Diggy Simmons and how he might have played her. The fact that their songs are inspired by their real-life heartbreak, is this isn’t really about Diggy? We might never know!

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Chloe Bailey Opens Up About Her Current Relationship Status!

Despite all the ongoing rumors regarding Diggy Simmons, Chloe has always preferred to keep her personal life as discreet as possible. However, she recently opened up about her status confirming that she is a single woman! During an interesting Instagram Live session, fans asked the actress and singer about her dating life. For now, the young star is bust taking social media by storm by her back-to-back pictures as she is all about self-love and enjoying her singlehood.

Chloe cleared the air by saying that she is enjoying her single and focusing on herself for the time being. So, it seems like she is not involved with Diggy Simmons. Chloe continues to take social media by storm by her musical creation or the bold videos that are a huge hit amongst her Instagram followers.

Is The Actress Involved With Jaden Smith?

Although the Grown-ish star has the comfort that she is single, Chloe was recently seen exchanging a few flirty moments on Instagram. Wonder who this person is? Well, it seems like Jaden Smith is taking an interest in Chloe Bailey! Chloe recently uploaded a sultry picture in a black leather mini dress. The pictures soon caught Jaden Smith’s attention who agreed that Chloe is pretty dangerous!

Chloe Bailey
The social media flirty exchanges was pretty mutual as Chloe Bailey also commented a while ago on one of Jaden’s post while leaving behind a fire emoji! Soon, fans were supporting the two and suggesting that the two might make a cute couple together. We wonder what Chloe and Jaden have to say about it! Fans, however, filled the comment section while some saying that this is never going to happen while others rooting for the two. The two were just engaging in some casual flirtation and not more than that it seems.