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Who Is Chiquis Rivera? Personal Life & Career Of American Singer

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

Regional Mexican fans probably know who Chiquis Rivera is. Those who want to know more about the Mexican American singer will surely get filled up here with regards to her life and her relationships. She is also known as being the eldest daughter of the late singer and actress Jenni Rivera. Chiquis’s real name is Janney Marin Rivera. Marin is her paternal surname, while Rivera is her maternal surname. She was born on 26 June 1985. The 36-year-old was born and raised in California, United States.

Chiquis has 4 siblings, which include a younger sister Jacquelin, a younger brother Michael and two half-siblings Jenicka and Juan Angel, from her mother Jenni’s second marriage. Being a Presbytarian, she attends church regularly with her family. As a singer, her first single ‘Paloma Blanca’ came out in 2015. The track was a tribute to her mother. Her television debut was in a reality show Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C. Along with her siblings, she also starred in a spin-off series of ‘I Love Jenni’ called ‘The Riveras’. Let’s explore further into Chiquis’s life.

Chiquis Rivera’s Career

Being in the music industry, her genres include Regional Mexican and Latin Pop. She has released 3 albums to date, which in sequence are Ahora (2015), Entre Botellas (2018) and, Playlist (2020). Her second studio album Entre Botellas includes songs made with Lorenzo Mendez, Jenni Rivera, and Juan Rivera. Chiquis’s musical style is classified as banda which is a form of traditional Mexican music. Its origins lie in the state of Sinaloa, and the music is primarily from instruments such as the clarinets, trumpets, and tuba.

Apart from ‘Chiquis & Raq-C’ and ‘The Riveras’, the singer has also appeared in ‘I Love Jenni’, ‘Chiquis n’ Control’, and ‘The View’. She has also been a judge on the talent competition ‘Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento’. Chiquis has won the Latin Grammy Award for her 2020 album ‘Playlist’ in the best banda album category. Notable nominations include Billboard Latin Music Awards and Juventud Awards.

Chiquis Rivera at the Latin American Music Awards

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Personal Life

Chiquis and Lorenzo Méndez, after being on and off in a relationship for a few years, got engaged in 2018. The couple finally got married the next year, but they’ve broken down their marriage just a year later, in 2020. While rumors were all over social media and the internet for months about their marriage status, they both took to social media to officially admit that they were getting a divorce.

Chiquis Rivera with ex-husband Lorenzo Méndez

There have also been rumors about her dating fellow singer El Fantasmo before her divorce. Before Lorenzo Méndez came into Chiquis’s life, she dated Ángel del Villar, a record label executive. Their relationship had also been on and off, similar to her relationship with Méndez. Among her siblings, she is known to be close to her brother Michael who is five years younger than her.

Jenni Rivera’s first husband and Chiquis’s father, José Trinidad Marin, is currently serving a prison sentence of more than 31 years on charges of sexual assault and rape. Chiquis herself was a victim of her father’s molestation along with Jenni’s sister Rosie and Chiquis’s half-sibling Jenicka. The molestation case saw José spend 9 years in jail before he was apprehended in 2006 and convicted of rape.

Chiquis And Her Mom

It is well-known that Chiquis and her mom Jenni had stopped speaking in 2012. The reason cited by Chiquis for the separation has been the rumor that she had an affair with Jenni’s then-husband Esteban Loaiza. While Chiquis denied the rumor, Jenni came across this at a time when she was in a confused and lonely state. Being in such a state, Jenni questioned her husband’s faithfulness and Chiquis’s loyalty. Jenni found a video of Chiquis leaving the bedroom of Esteban while he was still married to Jenni. Chiquis’s mother became fixated on the video and watched it endless times, which made her believe her daughter had a sexual encounter with Esteban.

Chiquis Rivera and Jenni Rivera

Jenni died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012. The plane was en route to Toluca. Chiquis released a memoir called ‘Forgiveness’ on 7th April 2015, wherein she divulged the reasons she and Jenni stopped speaking.

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