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Who is Catherine Mooty? Is She Troy Aikman’s New Wife?

Troy Aikman and Capa Mooty
Troy Aikman and Capa Mooty

Who is Catherine Mooty? Is she Troy Aikman’s New Wife? Whenever we talk about NFL, one name has the most probability to come into our minds. That name is Troy Aikman. Those who want to know more about the NFL Legend will get filled up here regarding his life and relationships. He was the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. The greatest quarterback football had ever seen. These days, whenever we talk about Troy, we discuss more on his personal life than his professional life. The reason is Capa Mooty, also known as Catherine Mooty. Since the day Aikman’s got into a relationship with Catherine, every football fan keeps asking, Who is Catherine Mooty?! Well, because Aikman was already married to another woman. Her name was Rhonda Worthey. All the NFL fans knew her. Then how did Troy’s lovely lady changed from Rhonda to Capa?

If people know, who is Catherine Mooty? Then that’s because of her current relationship with Aikman. Troy got married to Rhonda back in the year 2000. The fans stated that they had a beautiful relationship with each other. He had two children- Jordan Ashley and Alexa Marie from his marriage with Rhonda. Catherine is also coming from the somewhat same situation. Capa tied knots with Jerry Mooty and had two sons- Val and Luke Mooty. It seems like fate wanted these two lovebirds to connect with each other. The situation is absolutely the same, but as they say-“Love has no Boundaries”. This is Troy’s second marriage but make sure that he never had any controversies in his past. He has always maintained a good public image. Let’s move forward and talk exactly Who Is Catherine Mooty? How is she connected with Aikman?

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Who is Catherine Mooty

Capa Mooty

Who is Catherine Mooty? From When Was She Connected With Troy Aikman?

Catherine Mooty is happily married to Troy Aikman! Catherine who is also known as Capa was born in 1970 in Dallas. The same place where she meets her true love! Mooty is a fashion enthusiast and is the co-founder of Luxeliner. It is a high-end boutique which she started back in 2012. This boutique sells accessories and fashionable items of clothing.

Catherine getting divorced from Jerry Mooty did not affect her business mindset one bit! It simply justifies what a prominent businesswoman Catherine is! But no matter how strong you are, you will always need a backbone. Troy got divorced from Rhonda in the year 2011. Rhonda and Troy were the talks of the town for quite some time! Since 2011, Aikman and Capa have known each other. From the time (2011 & 2013) when both of them have been single, their relationship has been splendid!

Capa Mooty is more well-known because of her relationship with the great Troy Aikman. They tied the knot in 2017. Since then, her business has grown, and her name is roaming all around the internet (for good reasons!). Her Net Worth is $3 Million. Catherine and Troy are extremely happy, and so are their fans too! Aikman is a man whose Net Worth is somewhere near $30 Million. He has over 1.5 million followers on Twitter.

When we talk about celebrities of his stature, we always think of scandals and controversies. Aikman has lived his professional life as well as his personal life happily from the beginning. When he got separated from Rhonda in 2011, he had mentioned this was “important”. Now, after ten years, we realize why it was necessary. 

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Catherine and Aikman

Catherine and Aikman

The Current Life Of Capa & Troy: Are They Happy or Depressed?

Troy Aikman spent 12 years in Dallas Cowboys as a Quarterback. Although in his debut, they lost 28-0. Later he went on to be known as one of the greatest ever to play the game. Troy is 50+, but he has maintained his physique, which inspires their (Troy and Capa’s) children to lead a healthy life. Both Aikman and Catherine are very social on their Twitter and Instagram pages. They both freely share their family outings, their time with each other. Catherine has gelled well with the Aikman family as she has posted many photos and videos with them. Now it seems like they were made for each other. If someone asks you, who is Catherine? Just tell them, a strong lady who didn’t lose hope before she finally found the love of her life!

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