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Who is Black Swan on The Masked Singer Season 5?

Black Swan
Black Swan

As of right now, there are a variety of singing reality TV shows going on air but no one has a unique concept as The Masked Singer. Arguably, the show has provided us with so many singers hiding behind the mask but competing without the knowledge of who their opponent is. The show is an incredible example of thrill mixed and nurtured with the beauty of songs and raw talent among the contestants. Throughout its season, there is a mystery about who is your favorite masked character could be behind the facade, and sometimes the audience does guess the right ones, but there are instances in which you may misjudge the identities. In the recent The Masked Singer show, we can see that the whole fan base is getting curious about one special contestant and that is, The Black Swan. The singer has been serving all of us with so many emotional performances that even the judges sometimes tear up after seeing the talent.

Season 5 of this series has starred a creative set of characters, but everyone can agree there is a special sort of mystery behind the Black swan, and we are desperately waiting to know about who they might be. If you are someone who is also looking forward to unraveling the identity of this singer, then here we have wrapped up all of our predictions and put together the clues which have already been dropped towards us. Also, you guys should keep in mind that these are just predictions and not the final result. The character could be any, but here is our deduction of who they are. All this while, even the judges Robin Thicke as well as Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger are also trying to guess the real identity of these singers. Till now, they have agreed to the fact that Black Swan is surely a professional singer because those vocals are not possible to be generated by an amateur. Although, they could be wrong about this particular judgment.

What Clues Have Been Gathered About Black Swan?

Well, the first clue that should be focused upon is that the singer has covered a monster. Then it is also revealed about her that Black Swan was once lured in by a deal someone made her from the Hollywood industry. It was an amazing offer, but it surely did some damage that came forth later. Now, this clue might seem odd to you but Black Swan was once trapped inside a castle. She has told that a faithful flock flew to her rescue and helped her set free. While being on the show and talking to the judges, Black Swan has revealed that being on The Masked Singer makes her a little nervous and makes her uncomfortable. Also, Black Swan has disclosed that she has made a lot of difficult choices in her life, but the most difficult one was letting go of her favorite person.

But later, she reunited with them and is leading a stable life. Also, Black Swan says that she has body image issues and once was so worried about how she looked that an audition tape was sent out from her without her face. A major milestone has been achieved by the singer, and thus, she thinks that it is time to take a major leap. Black Swan also discussed how her childhood was pretty tough as she grew up in just a one-bedroom apartment with her single mother. Later in her years, when she finally hit fame and became successful, she bought her mother home. Black Swan has told how much she is in awe of Mariah Carey, who has even surpassed one of her deals.

Who is Black Swan on The Masked Singer season 5?

Jojo Siwa might be Black Swan on The Masked Singer Season 5

Who is Black Swan on The Masked Singer season 5?

Judges surely have a variety of names to describe who this singer might be, but if you listen closely, you will find how it is none other than Jojo Siwa. I mean, the prediction could be any but we think the clues match the most with Siwa. She was once trapped in a record deal that surely looked glamorous but wrecked her. When Black Swan talks about her major milestone, it could be the fact that Jojo Siwa has just turned 30.

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