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Who is Anya Taylor Joy dating? Her Dating Life On Media

Ben Seeds photographed Anya Taylor
Ben Seeds and Anya Taylor were said to be a lovely couple

Anya Taylor Joy is a British actress who was born in Miami, Florida, United States. She is known for the fantasy series Atlantis (2015),  period horror film The Witch (2015), and the most BBC one mini-series Peaky Blinders (2019). She has received several accolades such as Golden Globe Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her excellent work. She was on Time’s magazine’s 100 most influential people. She has achieved great heights at a young age because of her hard work and sheer dedication, and also her great skills.

She has gotten popular in the last few years, and her newly acquired fame has made her dating life more difficult. The Peaky Blinder actress has been quite private about her dating life, but there have a couple of rumors and assumptions around her dating life. She has been clear about not discussing her private dating life with the media. Even though she has said the same, she has been seen with a couple of men in the previous years. Anya Taylor Joy has been linked to people in the entertainment industry who are not necessarily actors but rather people who are photographers, filmmakers, and more.

Who is Anya Taylor Joy dating?

Ben Seeds photographed Anya Taylor

Ben Seeds and Anya Taylor were said to be lovely couples.

Anya Taylor Joy has been quite private about her dating life apart from a few glimpses on her social media. In May 2020, she was assumed to date photographer Ben Seed who is also known as Pip. Pip released photos of the couple walking down the streets of London. Ben Seed has earlier photographed other celebrities, but the source says that Taylor Joy and Ben Seed make a lovely couple. However, neither Anya Taylor Joy nor Ben Seed has made any official announcement regarding the relationship.

Anya, Taylor Joy might have been engaged earlier…

Earlier, it was reported Anya Taylor, and her co-star Eoin Macken from Crossmaglen (2018) are dating. In 2018, Macken uploaded an Instagram praising Anya Taylor for her skills. In 2017, Taylor Joy uploaded an Instagram post that confirmed that the couple is dating. Anya and Macken were embracing each other, and the post was titled “Boy+Girl-NYC.”

Macken and Taylor went to public date

Taylor Joy and Macken went on a date in a restaurant

Peaky Blinder’s Actress Anya Taylor Joy attended 61st BFI London Film Festival Awards with a large ring on her hand, which gave rise to a lot of engagement rumors. In December 2017, the couple went on a date publicly to a restaurant in Philadelphia that included a lot of PDAs, and Taylor Joy was still wearing that large ring on her hand.

Anya Taylor calling off her engagement

Anya Taylor Joy continued wearing that ring even to Met Gala 2018; however, after that, the couple has never been seen together.  The last time they were seen together was in the 2020 film “Here Are the Young Men,” which was shot in 2018. Eoin was the writer and director of the same. After the shooting, Eoin had been deleting several pictures of Anya from his Instagram Feed. Nobody really knows what happened between the couple.

The relationship status of Anya Taylor Joy is unclear, and she has been private ever since the rumor about her being engaged to Eois Macken.

Anya Taylor Joy on her dating life on media

Anya Taylor Joy said to The Guardian in March 2018 that she is not ready to speak about her relationships publicly and might never do such a thing even in the future. When she was about how she is adjusting to the sudden popularity and fame, she said that she felt more pleasured when she was not famous. There is a beauty in being anonymous, according to Taylor Joy. She plays a lot of characters on screen, and people see those characters and develop a liking for her. The thought is quite daunting to her, so she avoids thinking about it altogether.

The people who fall in love with the characters and whom they love is a person who is behind the screen. They do not realize who the person is behind the screen and the person behind the screen is actually much different from the characters they play.

Anya Taylor Joy discussing “Girlfriend-roles” on and off-screen

Anya discussed a lot about her opinions about dating with The Guardian in 2018. She said that being someone’s girlfriend is of little significance to her, and she is not interested in being just a girlfriend. She might have had a relationship in the past, but the societal stereotype of a girlfriend does not attract her much.

She detests the idea of being someone’s girlfriend even when it comes to playing a role on-screen. She rejects “Girlfriend- roles,” and her reaction to them is, “Eh! Why?” Therefore one can see her in more character roles that have stories to tell. Most of her works have been quite different from mainstream romances or rom-com.

However, there are many on-screen romances of Anya with actors. The plot of the series or movie has some important elements and narratives which has much more than typical “boyfriend-girlfriend” romance.

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