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Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating Now? Her Personal Life Explained

Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick

The Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick is dating another boo. After she opened up about her past relationship at the Ellen Show in 2017, she doesn’t want a relationship with a guy who doesn’t respect her boundaries. She said she wouldn’t take names, but she doesn’t like people who are like, “I am here for whatever you need.” She said she doesn’t need a man. She wants them because she feels good with them. And when he goes all like, why didn’t you pick up my call. Let’s talk every second, every minute, and every hour. That relationship is toxic. And then they go out and say, “Anna broke my heart.”

She is such a bad person. Then the B-word comes up. Then the girl is called the slut, and your fans are protecting you by fighting for you. And it’s a hell of a toxic ride. In 2017 Anna Kendrick was quite frustrated about her former relationship with the director Edgar Wright as she didn’t get any shape in the relationship. She said he was all over his face. She said when she had her coffee, he is there. When she is taking a nap, he was there. She said it feels good to have someone in your corner.

Anna Kendrick With Her Boyfriend Ben Richardson. But barding into your space. Hell No. She shared one incident where she was not allowed to drive her own car. She always loved driving, but she was thrown away from the steering wheel because she is a girl, and girls aren’t supposed to drive with a man. The actor said she was not looking for a relationship after breaking up with Edgar in 2013. But Anna Kendrick couldn’t resist dating a person who gave her shape and treated her like a queen.

Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating?

Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson

Who Is Anna Kendrick Dating?

Anna Kendrick is dating cinematographer Ben Richardson. Anna and Ben met each other as drinking buddies on the set of Happy Christmas. They started dating in 2014. They call it as they dinking date never stopped. Anna and Ben have been seen visiting the same bar over and over again. And later, it was revealed that that was the bar they had their first date at. So that their monthly anniversary they used to visit that bar and celebrate it. The couple never openly talked about each other in their interviews and conferences, but they were seen sharing adorable cute moments in public.

They two were seen bowling together, and they had a couple of competitions which Anna won. While Anna enjoyed the background music and performed her victory dance, Ben just stood there and watched her enjoy a smile on his face. Some of Anna’s fans recorded the moment. And what they have is gold.

Why does Anna Have a Low Key Life?

In one of her interviews, Anna said that since she has entered this industry, she has developed a lot. And now she is a mature young woman. She said she understands that the heat of the spotlight can ruin a relationship. And if you post a picture of your partner to show how proud you are of them. But the next day, you know you are everywhere, and your relationship is a topic for a company to blog on. And then people start judging. Your sweet gesture of love is a hot topic of the industry.

She said she doesn’t want her love to be a piece of news on someone’s phone screen. So she likes to keep her life low-key. In the very same interview, she had a diamond on her figure. Anna was asked if she engaged to someone. To which she gave a very sarcastic reply that she just said she would keep her life low-key. But then she announced that she is not engaged, and she gifted little something to herself on her birthday. She said she wanted a diamond and she wouldn’t have waited for a man to give it to her. So she gifted her a diamond ring. However, Anna has been a long-term relationship with Ben they might plan to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

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