Who Is Angela Yee Dating, Why She Is Not On Talking Terms With Her Co-Host?

What Is New About Angela Yee?
What Is New About Angela Yee?

One of the most renowned radio personalities, Angela Yee, crowns herself as the Radio Queen with MIW Airblazer Award and Gracie Award. Angela has always been the most radiant personality. Angela hosts a radio show named The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy. She is not just a radio host who interviews celebrities or dig gossips around. She is actually a person who cares about relevant things.

Angela is a board member of the American Foundation for the University of the West Indies. Also, she is the first-ever ambassador for the New York Public Library system. Her Instagram feeds are all about spreading awareness about how we can help improve Black Maternal Health and keep ourselves healthy. Angela has never been the one who follows trends; She always makes her own trends and outshines everyone else. Who will not love to date a woman like Angela?

Was Angela Physically Abused By His Ex-Boyfriend Vado?

The amazing Angela made many men crazy, but the man she chooses was a New York rapper named Vado. The couple met each other on a VH1 show named What Chilli Wants. Angela tried speed dating on the show, and Vado was on the list of shortlisted men. They both seemed very comfortable with each other. Angela and Vado started dating in the year 2010, but unfortunately, they stepped out of their relationship in the same year. Rumors say that the couple parted their ways because Vado cheated on Angela; However, these rumors were never confirmed.

Whereas Vado was stuck in an ugly controversy while he was on the show  Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition. A video was leaked where Vado physically assaulted Tahiry Jose. Vado tried to cover up his mess by claiming the video was scripted. To which Tahiry replied that the video was not scripted and Vado has assaulted her. After Tahiry’s statement, Angela broke her silence and said she never faced anything with Vado, but what he did was very wrong, and Tahiry doesn’t deserve that.

After the controversy, Vado appeared on Angela’s show, and they both opened up about their breakup. Vado said things ended peacefully with Angela and him. He was too busy and focused on himself, due to which things didn’t work out between them. Although they parted their ways, they still both managed to maintain a healthy friendship.

Angela’s Co-host Didn’t Protect Her From  Verbally Abused.

Angela was dating Gucci Mane for a while, which didn’t end on a good. As Gucci Mane went for an interview with The Breakfast Club and Angela’s co-host Charlamagne Tha God interviewed him. During the interview, Gucci Mean used some nasty words for Angela, which shouldn’t be used for any woman; He insulted and disrespected Angela on her own radio show in front of her own co-host.

And what her co-host did? He just sat there and laughed. He didn’t try to stop Gucci Mean. To which Angela replied Charlamagne Tha God didn’t me defend her for whatever Gucci was saying. This speaks a lot about what kind of person he is and what is his outlook towards women. She added to her statement that He shouldn’t have defended her because she is her co-host. He should have protected her because no woman deserved to be addressed by those words.

On being asked if their work relationship is in jeopardy, Angela replied, how can you punish a person for releasing his true colors or why she should punish him for not standing up for her. She said she is capable enough to stand for herself and needs men to do it for her. She added she is not mad, but she is a bit disappointed.

Angela’s New Boo

In 2019 during a radio interview, Angela revealed that she is dating someone. And they both want to keep it private until they decide to walk down the aisle. She said he is nothing like my past. He respects women, and most importantly, he respects my privacy. She said she was a lot of relevant things going on in her life which she would love to tell the world. Otherwise, people are stuck which who she is dating, Why they parted their ways and stuff. Angela made a final statement by saying she likes to do her work and mind her own business.