Who Is Alia Shawkat’s Partner? State Of Grace Actress Sparks Dating Rumors With Brad Pitt

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Alia Shawkat Partner

Who is Alia Shawkat’s Partner? What do we know about the actress’s notable works in the industry and also her relationship status? Starting from the basics, Alia Martine Shawkat has worked in numerous films and has various television credits. Some of Alia’s notable films are Jackass Forever, Being The Ricardos, The Letter Room, 20th Century Women, Adam Green’s Aladdin, Life After Beth, etc. She hasn’t just limited her acting skills to films but also starred in television. The credits go to Living With Yourself, Summer Camp Island, Adventure Time, The Starter Wife, etc. Little did you know, Alia Shawkat is a great artist and often participates in gallery shows taking place in different countries.

Knowing about her popularity as an actress, people are curious to learn what’s going on in her personal life. To be more precise, who is Alia Shawkat’s partner? Also, rumors about her dating Brad Pitt circulated on the internet for quite a long time. The funniest part was neither of them knew about it while it was on. For more details about Alia Shawkat’s relationship status and works, this article is highly recommended to you.

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Who Is Alia Shawkat’s Partner?

Before this, one must know that actress Alia Shawkat has already revealed her sexual orientation. She has always been vocal about being bisexual and is very proud of herself. This makes her fans more curious about her love life. Unfortunately, Alia Shawkat isn’t dating anyone as of now and is enjoying her singlehood, focusing fully on her films and series. Looking at her, it seems like we can’t expect her to get romantically involved anytime soon.

Rumors Sparked

There was a time when Alia Shawkat was rumored to be sharing romance with Brad Pitt. They were spotted together in 2019. Coming across these rumors, Alia Shawkat started it as a ‘weird gossip’ and was false. She always shared a close friendship bond with the actor. Not only that, but she was also revealed to be romantically linked several years ago. This confirmed that there was nothing romantic between Alia and Brad.

Alia Shawkat's Partner
Alia Shawkat was once rumored to be romantically linked to Brad Pitt

Also, both of them were unaware of these stupid rumors. Knowing about it, later on, Brad Pitt expressed that he was sorry to her and it would always happen if she hung out with him. With this, Alia was shaken by the media scrutiny, but the actor found it quite funny. In brief, Alia started those rumors to be gross.

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Alia Shawkat’s Notable Works & Other Facts

Learning about her singlehood, fans must now be interested in Alia Shawkat’s works and some of her other details like age, height, etc.

How Old Is Alia Shawkat?

The beautiful American actress Alia Shawkat was born on 18 April 1989. Next month, she will be turning 33 years old. She was born in Riverside, California, United States. As far as her height is concerned, Alia is 1.66 meters tall.


When it comes to her family, Alia Shawkat was born to Tony Shawkat (father) and Dina Burke (mother). With both of her parents, she shares a good bond.


As an actress, Alia Shawkat is quite successful. Some of her hit films include The Driftless Area (2014), The Letter Room (2020), Jackass Forever (2022), The To-Do List (2013), and many more. She gained massive fame for playing the role of Hannah Rayburn in the State Of Grace. Also, you will be happy to know Alia is set to release her upcoming television work, The Old Man. She will be seen to play the leading role. It was in 2017 when Alia appeared in the music video titled ‘Don’t Take The Money’, by Bleachers.

Alia Shawkat's Partner
Alia Shawkat

Many of you must not be aware of her artistic nature. She has participated in various gallery shows, which took place in Los Angeles, Paris, and Mexico. During her free time, she often sketches and paints. In brief, Alia Shawkat is multi-talented and is quite famous! Best wishes to Alia for her upcoming project!

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