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Who Is Abby Roberts Dating? This Is What Fans Are Speculating


Abby Roberts is an Instagram influencer, a famous TikTok personality, and a makeup artist and beauty promoter. She reviews different beauty products and is known for posting pictures that show her incredible makeup skills. She adds special effects and vibe to her cosplay makeup. Her makeup includes different characters from movies as well as animation movies. She also does varieties of Halloween makeups. She is associated and worked with Morphe and Colourpop.

Her unique makeup ideas and designs caught the attention of a lot of people. She took makeup to a whole another level. When she started her account, and her pictures started going viral, people couldn’t believe their eyes, as the makeup was unbelievably beautiful and innovative. She has used Instagram since 2013 and uploads her makeup pictures on Instagram.

About Abby Robert’s Work

Abby uploads her makeup pictures on a regular basis. She also started to make videos about how her makeup is done and makeup tutorials. Abby also posts vlogs about her daily life and hairdressing tutorials. She also has a YouTube channel named Abby Robert, with 190k subscribers in it. She has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, and her username is abbyroberts. She is active on TikTok, too, and has a solid 15 million fans in her account with the same name.

Who Is Abby Roberts Dating?

Abby being a pro at cosplay makeup.

She started gaining popularity in 2018 and got featured in one of the videos of the sister of James Charles, makeup and social media influencer and takeovers on her Instagram. And she recreated James Charles’s look and gained more than 100k followers in a day. She also collaborated with popular personalities like Liam Payne and Yungblud.

Abby’s younger sister, Charlotte Roberts, is a social media personality and a makeup enthusiast too and is two years younger than Abby. Her sister also has brilliant talent in makeup. Both of them support each other in makeup and helps themselves to grow by promotes their work. They set perfect sister goals. Both Abby, 19, and Charlotte, 17 were interested in makeup since they were a child.

Who Is Abby Roberts Dating?

One of Abby’s makeup look

Abby told in a video that she watched Nikkie Tutorials and Jaclyn Hill’s makeup videos and got inspired from them. She started doing makeup at a very young age, which is 11. She has been doing makeup for more than seven years. But she took makeup seriously and started creating unique makeup three years. She is popular for her innovative makeup looks, face transformation, and being an expert for recreating looks.

Who Is Abby Roberts Dating?

Her works

Charlotte also started doing makeup when she was just 11 years old, just like her sister. She revealed that her sister played a big role in her development of skills and interests. She got inspired by her sister as they did crafts and artwork when they were small and other makeup artists who post makeup tutorials.

Who Is Abby Roberts Dating?

Abby Roberts and Charlotte Roberts

The sisters get compliments for their talents not only from their fans and followers but also from a few professional makeup artists. The professionals considered their makeup talent as cool and amazing. They told in an interview that they are eager to pursue makeup as their career.

Who Is Abby Roberts Dating?

One of my favorite looks of her

All We Know About Her And Her Past Dating Life

Abby Roberts was born on 27th July 2001, and she is just 19 years old. She is British and is born in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Recently she stays in London. Abby has her own merchandise, Artistry Apparel, where she sells hoodies, face masks, t-shirts, and pop sockets.

Abby previously dated Noen Eubanks, who is also a content creator. But it didn’t seem that things ended up with them positively. They dated for a year and spoke through zoom meetings as they shared a long-distance relationship. He stayed in Los Angeles meanwhile she stays in the UK. Abby and Noen gained many fans as they looked adorable together, and they soon became a favorite couple in TikTok.

But after their break up in TikTok and Abby hinted at a few comments against Noen and accusing him indirectly of not giving his all in the relationship. Though, Noen didn’t react to any of those and stayed silent the whole time.

Who Is Abby Roberts Dating?

Abby Roberts and her ex-boyfriend, Noen

Who Is Abby Roberts Dating Now?

Who Is Abby Roberts Dating?

Abby and Yungblud, her rumored boyfriend

Abby hasn’t opened up being in a relationship with anyone and claims to be single. But she might be dating someone secretly. According to fans’ speculation, Abby Roberts is dating Yungblud, an English singer, might be the secret one as both of them were seen hanging out often. Abby also walked with him on the 2020 MTV EMA red carpet. Still, none of them has officially confirmed their relationship.