‘Who Driving This Bus’ Trend On TikTok: Meme Explained

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"Who Driving This Bus” Trend

Tiktok is one of the most popular apps in the world, with billions of users. One of the app’s most popular memes is the sound ‘Who Driving This Bus.’ Yes, the platform has resurfaced in the trending area thanks to a new meme titled “Who Driving This Bus.” When people began mimicking the sound that went viral on Tiktok, the new meme “Who Driving This Bus” became popular. Tiktok users create unique and amusing sounds every day, which are then converted into a series of videos. Although the app Tiktok has been banned in several countries, this meme has gone viral. They give the sound their own spin and make it hilarious in their own way. People are naturally interested in learning more about the origins of this unique sound that has been circulating through the app.

Tiktok is accustomed to being in the news by unveiling numerous new trends each month. So, once again, it’s a mist trendy word that’s spreading like wildfire over social media platforms. Users of TikTok produced the meme, and they usually focus on the humorous sound that will make you all laugh. It might be developed when they’re inside a car with someone driving it. So, let’s talk about it below and explore what this “Who Driving this Bus” TikTok trend means while keeping people’s curiosity piqued.

"Who Driving This Bus” Trend
“Who Driving this bus” meme

Meaning of the Meme “Who Driving this Bus”

With 689 million users, the largest social networking platform features various innovative concepts. According to the creators of the film, the meme “Who Driving this Bus” depicts a humorous impersonation of a “ratchet white female on the bus”. “The sound of “Who Driving This  Bus” has been captured in 307 videos, with 359.9K views too far. The videos were made by TikTok users and focus mostly on the humorous sound that will make you all chuckle. This can be done while inside a car that is being driven. The amusing impression of a dramatic reaction when inside a vehicle is ‘Who Driving This Bus.’ The majority of individuals mimic the sound of being on a bus with a comical lip-sync, while some use greenscreen to imitate the sound of being on a bus.

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The video was first shared on TikTok by a user known as @corasspammm. This account has 874 followers and nearly 1,000 likes. There are only a few videos on the account, one of which, ‘Who Driving This Bus,’ went viral. There are almost 170K views and 9300 likes on it. TikTok users are recording a video on sound while acting out a dramatic scene. Some people record recordings while riding in a car with someone else driving. Others, on the other hand, simply give the sense of being on one. Numerous users are now using it to create videos, and it has become a hot topic of conversation.

More about the meme “Who Driving this  Bus” and viewers reaction on it

The meme has gotten a lot of attention from the public, and millions of individuals have already created videos based on it. People who use social media sites like Instagram have been trying to figure out what does  “Who Driving this Bus” means and how it went viral. “Who Driving this Bus” is the latest example of viral meme that has gone mainstream as a result of its widespread use on social media. Many expressions that have become popular as a result of Tiktok began there, but that is not the case here.

People usually try to make their videos humorous in their own unique way by displaying their originality. Many people become famous as a result of their one and only video in which they perform at their finest. People are certain to question where the meme started because this new sound revolves around the app. There are a number of individuals who make original content and maintain their fame among millions of users, as well as get a lot of affection from the audience by presenting novel ideas. You only need to go to the TikTok platform to utilize or watch the videos of the most popular song “Who Driving This Bus.”

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