Who Does Yuno End Up With in Black Clover?

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Who does Yuno end up with

Black Clover is known for several things: humor, magic, demons, and power. There is little mention of romance in the anime. Whether the characters indulge in romance or not, fans are always curious to know what’s up in their personal life. One specific character that every Black Clover fan has been very interested to know about is Yuno. He has very ikemen features, often even dubbed as a prince.

With his charms, it is hard to avoid thinking about his take on romance. So who does Yuno End up with in Black Clover? Has it been revealed in the manga? It would make a lot of sense if he were to charm someone to fall for him deeply. So has he done so yet?

Yuno has been the calm and composed type of person whose sole motive is to become the Magic Emperor. A prodigy from childhood, Yuno has surprised several people ever since he appeared on the screen. At the young age of 15, he was bestowed with the four-leaf grimoire and then became a part of the Golden Dawn squad. Over the course of time, he has come across some very potential women and men who could very well be his love interest. But none have yet really grasped his heart. 

Black Clover has so much shonen energy but there have been moments of shoujo romance that we cherish deeply. Amidst these cute moments, we might just be able to find out who Yuno ends up with in Black Clover.

Who is Yuno: Character Description

Yuno Grinberryall is one of the major characters of Yuki Tabata’s ongoing shounen series, Black Clover. He is initially introduced as an orphan who grew up with Asta. However, later it is revealed that Yuno is actually a royal from House Grinberryall. He can perform wind and star magic and wields two grimoires; one from the Clover Kingdom and the other from the Spades Kingdom. Yuno is also the vessel of Licht and Tetia’s son.

With his profound skills, Yuno achieved many accomplishments. First, he makes it to the Golden Dawn despite being known as a commoner from Hage. In the dungeon, he is chosen by Sylph, the wind spirit. Yuno also becomes a part of the Royal Knights squads and the vice-captain of the Golden Dawn.

Yuno Grinberryall

Personality-wise, Yuno is very calm; be it in general or when he is battling someone. Due to his straight face, he is sometimes misunderstood. Although he seems to not care much, he definitely does deep inside about several people around him. However, he is especially attached to Asta, as not only did he grow up with him but also because he considers him his rival. 

Who does Yuno End Up With?

Romance might not be Tabata’s cup of tea. While he did give Asta a big harem for a long time, other characters are several miles away from being romantically involved. If you are an anime-only fan wondering, “who does Yuno End up with?”, the answer might be disappointing because Yuno is still just as single in the manga. Asta even says that Yuno has never been much into girls. But then again, Yuno’s prince-like charms with the ‘oblivious to romance’ attribute is yet another reason why people love his character.

Tabata might not do it but fans are always quick to ship their favorite characters. Here are four characters that are shipped most with Yuno. With their interaction with him in the story, there might be a possibility that he might just end up with one of these characters.


Yes, the cute little elf spirit that Yuno once encountered in the dungeon. Sylph has shown a hefty amount of attachment to Yuno. She not only claims him quite often but also shows emotions like jealousy and possessiveness towards him. Yuno often ignores her but who knows – love might just bloom anywhere.

Yuno sylph
Yuno and Sylph

Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa was one of the first women Yuno encountered. The two were paired several times in the beginning. Of course, Mimosa fell in love with Asta. However, Yuno has shown to care for her and respect her too. While there might not be enough spark between them, they have a fairly warm relationship that can be called friendship and a good friendship might not take long to grow into love.

Yuno mimosa
Yuno and Mimosa

Charmy Pappitson

Charmy sees Yuno as a prince ever since he saved her food during their battle with Catherine. The two have had very less interaction but Charmy’s crush on Yuno is one that fans acknowledge a lot and would love to see evolve into a relationship between the two.

Yuno charmy
Yuno and Charmy


Although controversial, Asta is a character Yuno seems to have all the time in his mind. From caring about him subtly to a limit where he would do anything for Asta, Yuno’s deep feelings for him have never gone unnoticed. The two share a very special bond and thus are one of the most shipped couples in Black Clover.

Who does Yuno End Up With
Yuno and Asta.

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