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Who Does Veronica End Up With In Riverdale?

Who Does Veronica End Up With In Riverdale

The teenage detective couple Archie and Veronica parted their ways, but who does Veronica end up with, in Riverdale. Because she ruled the heart of almost everyone in the high school or in the speakeasy. Even Reggy, one of Archie’s friends, is crazy about her. But only Archie ruled her heart, and it seems like he always will. It is clear that she was madly in love with Archie as she turned against his own father and helped Archie. She always used to go way out of her league to see him happy or to keep him comfortable. The legendary moment she performed in from of jail with her cheerleading squad to entertain Archie was next level. Not even a fictional character has done this for their man.

As Archie went through a very bad time in his life. He wasn’t able to be the best boyfriend that Veronica deserves, but still, she has been patient with him. She is the ideal girl one can ask for, but it seems like it is not meant to be. If you are not with “The One”, the universe will find a way to rip you apart then no matter how hard you try. So, we can say that Veronica is hard on love, and obviously, she has major daddy issues, which affect her relationship with Archie.


However, we have to say that Veronica’s life is sad, but she still manages to roar like a tigress.

Who Does Veronica End Up With In Riverdale

In the 5th Season of Riverdale, Veronica got married to a guy Chad Gekko. It is seen in the series that she is celebrating her first anniversary with his husband. She finally seemed happy. And Chad is all romantic kind. He used to give Veronica surprise visits, and they used to spend a lot of time together. And when we started feeling happy for Veronica, we see that Chad is abusive. Things are different between closed doors, and things are entirely different in public. As we all know, Veronica is not a person who will let a guy boss him around, but if she is still stuck in a toxic relationship with Chad, there must be something fishy.

But still, she is a fighter, and we all know she will fight her way out of it. And fortunately, she did. She files for divorce with Chad. So the answer to the question of who does Veronica end up within Riverdale is with herself. She married a toxic guy, and her marriage didn’t work out like her parent’s marriage. And seems like she is very exhausted from all the relationships she had. We have to say that girl has been through hell with a smile. And still manages to keep up with her class and dignity. It seems like our tigress will end up holding herself upright. And who needs a boy when you were born in a family-like Veronica’s. But still, the question stands will Veronica find her way back to Archie?

Will Archie And Veronica Come Back Together?

As far as it is expected that Archie and Veronica might find their ways back to each other. But with the Betty and Archie situation, we can’t say anything. According to the comic, Archie and Betty will walk down the aisle but looking at the fan following of the couple Archie and Veronica. Anything can happen. However, it is very unlikely for both of them to fall back in love with each other again.

Because Archie ran to Betty while he was dating Veronica. Which was indirectly insulting her. And a girl like Veronica will never go back to a person who has insulted her love and her relationship. But still, we can’t assume anything because no one assumes that Archie and Betty will be a thing, but they are. What we have learned from the five seasons of Riverdale is that anything can happen, and anything is possible.

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