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Who Does Mikasa Ackerman End Up With In The ‘Attack On Titan’ In The End?

Mikasa End Up With

Who does Mikasa marry in the ‘Attack on Titan‘? The Shonen series began airing in 2013, which adapted the entire manga of Hajime Isayama, and the last episode aired on March 29, 2021. The last season is in production and is set to release in January 2022. In comparison, the manga was serialized from 2009 to 2021. The final chapter of Attack on Titan manga was one of the most debated topics in 2022. Otakus came along with some excellent characters on this journey of Survey Corps, taking down titans and unraveling the true history of the world, which hooked them to this show. If you want to follow this masterpiece, then you can watch the anime on Hulu and Netflix, whereas to read the manga, visit Viz.

Since the first episode or the first chapter of Attack on Titan, we fell in love with the characters of this series. Fans witnessed many magnificent characters in this show who developed with each passing moment. Among these characters, everyone couldn’t help themselves from falling for Mikasa Ackerman; we all wished to befriend a cool person like her in our lives. She is a beautiful girl, but you shouldn’t mess with her cause she can show you the way up to heaven.

Mikasa doesn’t like to talk with many people, and she’s also cold and can take on anyone to protect her loved one. Therefore, every Attack on Titan fan fell in love with her character. So, fans of the series are eager to know with whom Mikasa will end up? There are lots of speculations about this topic. So we will discuss with whom Mikasa will end up in this article.

What happened with Mikasa in Attack on Titan?

The plot is set on humanity living inside three gigantic walls, as huge humanoid figures called Titans are roaming the world outside these walls, who are terrorizing humanity. One day, a huge Titan, even larger than the average size, breaks the outermost wall, known as Wall Maria. Breaking the outer wall results in mindless Titans infiltrating the Shiganshina District and wreaking havoc. In this havoc, one Titan devours Carla Yeager. Her death leads to her son, Eren Yeager, joining Survey Corps to eliminate all Titans.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman and the Survey Corps.

A Titan devours Eren on his first mission while trying to protect his friend. Many scouts lost their lives in that mission, and the remaining scouts lost hope against the Titans, who were at an advantage. But suddenly, a Titan appeared who was attacking the other mindless Titans instead of attacking humans. After taking down those Titans, it’s revealed that the savior titan was none other than Eren. Soon, he joins Captain Levi‘s squad along with his friend Armin and adoptive sister Mikasa. The trio is joined with their other friends from the scout training camp. Further, Mikasa is like an over-protective figure for Eren, who won’t even let anyone lay their hand on him.

Mikasa is so protective of Eren because we can say she’s alive because of him. Because some human traffickers murdered her parents and were planning to sell her. However, a young Eren arrives there and protects her from the traffickers. Since then, the Yeager family adopter her, and she lived with Eren. Further, she kinda became a guardian angel to him, who protects her from any threat. As the story continues, it’s revealed that titans are actually Eldian humans who can turn into Titans. Further, Mikasa is a part of the Akerman family who can resist the comment to turn into mindless titans.

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Who will Mikasa Akerman end up with or marries in the manga?

As we witnessed in the series, everyone avoids getting into a fight with Mikasa because of her strength and coldness. She wasn’t always like this. As a kid, she was cheerful and gentle. But after her parent’s death, she got colder and quiet. However, she is one of the most caring people, as she can fight anybody or do anything to protect her loved ones. But because of her cool personality, we saw no one approaching her romantically.

Some Attack of Fans were rooting for Mikasa to end up with Captain Levi. Both the Survey Corps scouts are one of the best. They are even recognized as humanity’s strongest soldiers. We have seen both eliminating gigantic titans with ease. They run their blades through the titan flesh like a knife on butter. There is no doubt it would be mind-blowing to see them killing some titans as a couple. However, this can never happen as both of them hail from the Ackerman family, making them cousins. We also never saw both developing any sort of romantic feeling for each other.

Mikasa Ackerman End Up With Eren Yeager.

Throughout the series, we saw Mikasa caring for Eren. It always gave us the signal that she has feelings for him and she doesn’t see him as a little brother, as many fans initially thought. Eren had a tremendous impact on Mikasa’s life. His words that she has to fight for survival molded her into the strong-will person she is now. As we saw how much Eren means to her when he presumably died in the first mission, as she gave up her will to live. In anime, we also saw how much it affected when Eren called her a slave and said her emotions for him are just because of him having the founding titan.

We see Mikasa’s love for Eren is so much that now she follows not only him but can stand against him when Eren is wrong. In the final chapter, Eren also reveals his true feelings for Mikasa to Armin and wants to live with her. However, it couldn’t happen as Mikasa kills him to end his crazy schemes and protect humanity. We further witness her kissing Eren’s head. After Eren’s death, Mikasa doesn’t date or marry anyone; instead lives near the tree they used to play with when they were young. So, we can say Mikasa Akerman ended with none other than Eren Yeager.

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