Who Does Joey Potter End Up With In Dawson’s Creek?

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Dawson's Creek: Who Does Joey Potter End up With?
Dawson's Creek (1998-2003)

Dawson’s Creek is one of the best shows that has existed during the 00s and has been an all-time favorite for all teenagers and adults alike. It is best described as a coming of the age TV series, and it has become so popular due to some of the interesting aspects introduced in the plots. Anyone, who has not seen the show, has missed a lot in TV series history. Those who have watched it already know what is such a big deal about Dawson’s Creek. However, there is nothing to feel bad about as the series is now available on Netflix, and if you are watching it then you must have wondered, who does Joey Potter end up with in Dawson’s Creek?

Well, if you do not want to get spoilers, we will ask you to be careful, as this blog is filled with them. Many people are quite unsatisfied with Joey ending up with a particular someone. Well, this is not the first time that an audience of a show is not happy about the final couple ending. Something quite similar had happened when How I Met Your Mother’s finale was released. Fans were not at all happy with Ted and Robin coming together in the end. The producers budged and made an alternative ending. However, for Dawson’s Creek, there is no such thing, and the creator has even provided valid reasons why the final couple makes more sense.

Who Does Joey Potter End Up With In Dawson’s Creek?

Well, we will not keep you in much suspense and finally reveal that in Dawson’s Creek, Joey chooses Pacey over Dawson. Fans who were team Dawson were left extremely heartbroken over this, and they were also quite angry at the creators. Joey and Dawson were best friends and more than that. Though there was an on-and-off relationship between them, everyone knew that they both were soulmates. However, Team Pacey was left victorious as they had sensed the romantic tension between Pacey and Joey right from their first interaction. All of this gave a mixed review to the final episode of Dawson’s Creek, and unfortunately, Dawson supporters did not get any alternate endings.

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Dawson's Creek: Who Does Joey Potter End up With?
Joey and Pacey.

However, there was an explanation from the creator, Williamson’s side, who went on to explain why he went with Pacey and Joey. Though he mentioned that perhaps the after story of them would be to get married, they will divorce too. However, they had a strong connection and might again reconcile. On why he did not go for Dawson and Joey, Williamson explained that the ending was not sitting right with him. He also believed that Dawson will always be her best friend, no matter what. They both are soulmates, and soulmates need not always be romantic. Throughout Dawson’s Creek, this concept of what exactly is a soulmate has always seemed to be a prominent question. He also wanted to break the pattern of the same old ending for the main protagonist and wanted to go out of the box.

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Why Does Joey End up with Pacey In Dawson’s Creek?

Now, apart from all the theories given by the creator himself, if we were to look into the story, then there are reasons why Joey should go with Pacey instead of Dawson. One of the major reasons was that Dawson had always put Joey up on a pedestal and wanted that picture-perfect relationship shown in the movies. However, Pacey was the one who saw Joey as she was and wanted to be better for her. He never romanticized her, nor did he want to change their dynamic to fit into a certain dream. He just wanted her and nothing else. Joey had realized this, and of course, she would want to be in a place where she is given the option to be herself.

Dawson's Creek: Who Does Joey Potter End up With?
Joey and Dawson.

If she were to go with Dawson, then perhaps after a few years, she would be wondering where did the Love go? It was all wasted on trying to achieve that romantic dream of Love and nothing else. Her understanding and friendship with Dawson will always be intact. Perhaps they cannot meet together on the romantic aspects.

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You can watch the series, here

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