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Where is Longmire Filmed? About the Western Crime Drama Series’ Production

Robert Taylor in Longmire

In today’s article, we will be talking about where is Longmire filmed? Ever played Red Dead Redemption?. Ever watched western dramas like “Unforgiven,” “Searchers,” “The Good, Bad, and the Ugly”? Then you just simply can’t miss this article!. The series is based on the Longmire mystery novels written by best-selling author Craig Johnson. This show is a modern western drama series starring Robert Taylor, who plays the role of sheriff Walt Longmire. The show was created by Hunt Baldwin and John Conveny. This superhit American TV show was first time aired on 3rd June 2012. The crime drama has six seasons and sixty-three episodes in total. Longmire is one of the highest-rated original dramas on A&E.

Longmire has received great appreciation from the audience as well as the critics. The audience has rated it 4.9, that much they had loved Longmire. While Rotten Tomatoes rated it 88%, IMDB rated it 8.3, which is considerably good. Running from 2012-2017, this modern western drama was in the heart of every Netflix watcher. This was at the top of every Wild West fan’s watch list back then before it got canceled due to some particular reasons, which we will discuss later on. Robert Taylor has amassed more than $3 million by playing the role of Sheriff in this western drama.  So today, first, we are going to cover the superhit series Longmire. Then we are going to talk about the film’s setup, in all the locations where Longmire was filmed.  In the end, we will talk about season 7 Release Date, News, and where it can be watched.

Longmire played by Australian Actor Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor fitted into the role of the Sheriff perfectly In Longmire

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Where is Longmire Filmed?

Longmire is filmed in Wyoming. Shooting western films like Longmire is not that easy as it looks. You have to find open lands, take care of the landscapes. This is especially very difficult to find and adjust when your production set is in Metropolitan cities like New York, Los Angeles, and California. Even though California does have many open lands, it’s not possible to get that type of Western feel unless you are actually there!. Longmire was set in Wyoming, a state in the subregion of western U.S.A. But it was not filmed there. It was filmed in New Mexico!.

More than 80% of the show was shot in New Mexico. This state ranks as an important center of Native American culture. No wonder why the production team chose to shoot Longmire in New Mexico. Some of the places in New Mexico where Longmire was filmed are Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Pecos, and Las Vegas. Except for Longmire, there are many other hit TV shows which have been filmed in New Mexico. Some are Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Millers.

Longmire was filmed in New Mexico

Longmire and the main cast in New Mexico

Plot of Longmire

The protagonist of the show is a sheriff of Absaroka County called Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor). His character, which has a strong sense of duty and justice, is a throwback to the iconic heroes of classical western dramas. At the beginning of the show, Walt was often seen battling depression and grief. The reason is that he had lost his beloved wife a year ago. His daughter Cady Longmire (Cassidy Freeman), who is an attorney, helps Walt to forget his past. She pushes him forward and convinces him to run for re-elections for the Sheriff of Absaroka County. With the help of the female deputy, Victory “Vic” (Katee Sackhoff), he decides to start a new life for his dedication towards the community.

While Walt was running for the re-elections, he learned that Branch Connally (Bailey Chase) also entered in the election to remove Longmire from the Sheriff’s position. At first, Walt felt a bit betrayed because Brance was one of his deputies. But his loyalty to his people helped him move forward with a strong heart. Walt often goes to his long-time friend Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips). They both are best friends to each other as he sets out to solve his personal and professional life. As the series moves on, Walt and Henry deal with issues like Gambling at Casinos, protecting innocent people from the evil authorities so that justice is provided to everyone. They both did their best to protect the people from crime and other issues of Native American Life.

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Longmire Season 7: Release date & Where to watch

Longmire Season 7 will be released on 12th November 2021. It will come out on Netflix spread over ten episodes. Katee Sackhoff is likely to return as “Vic,” and Diamond Phillips will be cast as Henry. The other cast members are Adam Bartley (The Ferg), Cassidy Freeman as Cady Longman, and Bailey Chase as Deputy Connally. Hold on for 76 days for this Western classic and relive the golden days.

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