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Where Was ‘Falling For Figaro’ Filmed? All About The Plot & Cast

Falling For Figaro
Falling For Figaro

Falling For Figaro is a rom-com movie that was released in 2021. The screenplay of Falling For Figaro was written by Ben Lewin, as fans wondered where the movie was filmed. The main leads of the rom-com are Joanna Lumley, Danielle Macdonald, and Hugh Skinner. The film was also part of the film festival too; thus we can say that the movie was a good one. The plot of Falling For Figaro revolves around Millie, and it becomes quite interesting to see how a manager quits her job for her dream. 

The film received mixed reactions from different critics. Some loved it, and some didn’t like it. Looking at the plot where a manager quits her job to fulfill her dream, it would be very interesting to know what are the filming locations of the film. So here, we shall take you through the storyline, cast, and filming location of Falling For Figaro. 

Falling For Figaro Storyline

Is it even practical to leave a job and follow your dream? For many individuals, their dream is more important than the job which is paying them. Falling For Figaro depicts how a girl who has a secure job as a fund manager leaves that job and follows her dream of becoming an opera singer. Millie felt unaccomplished by the job she had, and she decided to take that step. She wanted to chase her dream so desperately that she also left her long-term boyfriend. 

Falling For Figaro

Falling For Figaro: cast

Meghan Geoffrey-Bishop, a well-known but terrifying singing instructor and former opera diva, begins intensive vocal lessons with her. She runs across Max, Meghan’s other student who is also preparing for the upcoming “Singer of Renown” competition. What begins as a savage rivalry between them gradually develops into something more. Both of them became engrossed in a romantic relationship. Everything that was happening around her was seemingly magical for her because she was quite discouraged by what was happening earlier in her life. The only concerning thing in the film was that it was titled a rom-com, but the film was missing the element of comedy in it. It was less of comedy and more towards the romance and struggle side.


The main leads of Falling For Figaro are Joanna Lumley, Danielle Macdonald, and Hugh Skinner. Joanna Lumley plays the role of Meghan Geoffrey Bishop. Danielle Macdonald plays the role of Millie, around whom the entire story revolves. Hugh Skinner plays the role of Max. The other cast of the movie includes Gary Lewis, Shahzad Latif, Rebecca Benson, Ian Hanmore, Bhav Joshi, Saskia Ashdown, and Christina Bennington. 

Where Was ‘Falling For Figaro’ Filmed?

The filming location plays a significant role in its success. Falling For Figaro is a film where the main lead wants to be a renowned opera singer. So the makers had to be quite selective in terms of selecting the location. The primary location of filming Falling For Figaro was the Scottish Highlands. The filming took place in winter. The makers took two months to complete the filming. Scotland has beautiful scenic views, and the makers have beautifully captured all the views. There were storms and heavy rains, but still, the production team did pretty well in completing the filming of Falling For Figaro. 

Falling Figaro

Falling For Figaro Filming: Scottish Highlands

Glencoe and Loch Lomond are famous for their scenic beauties. They have served as one of the filming locations of Falling For Figaro. The makers have utilized them as a filming location for their scenic views. Could you ever think of utilizing theaters as the filming location? The production team of Falling For Figaro has filmed some of the shots in theatres. There were two theatres in Glasgow which were a part of the filming location. 

The dream of the main lead was to become an opera singer. So there have to be scenes in the film where operas have to be there.  The movie had renowned operas. Some of the operas that were a part of the filming location are Don Giovanni, Carmen, and La Traviata. The filming for the final shot was done in King’s Theatre. 

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