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Where to Watch Cute Programmer Online? Everything about the Chinese drama

In today’s article, we shall talk about the ongoing Chinese drama Cute Programmer. The drama is often known as The Programmer Is So Cute, Cheng Xu Yuan Na Me Ke Ai. Most of you have already started watching the episodes of the drama. But for those who haven’t started watching it yet, this article is exactly going to be the right place for you. This is because, in this article, we shall mainly talk about Where to watch the drama Cute Programmer? Even if the drama is completely new to you, there is still nothing to worry about. Besides the online streaming platform, we shall also cover the cast and the plot of the drama. After reading this article, you might end up watching Cute Programmer.

It’s a Chinese drama that started to air on 10 September 2021 on Tencent Video. Cute Programmer is directed by Qiang Wu. The drama is set to have 30 episodes in total. And by now the drama has reached its end. It has accumulated a large number of followers, even internationally and they all are crazy about it. It’s a romantic comedy-drama and the chemistry between the leads is simply amazing, balanced, and strong. If you haven’t watched Cute Programmer, I highly recommend you to watch it. Aren’t you excited to know more about the drama? If so, go ahead and get into this article to know more about the Chinese ongoing drama Cute Programmer.

Where to watch Cute Programmer Online?

For those who are new to the drama Cute Programmer,  you must be thinking about where to watch the episodes. Right? Cute Programmer is set to have a total of 30 episodes and it started to air on 10 September 2021. It will continue till 1 October 2021. Well, if you are really into this particular drama, you may watch the episodes online on WeTV. The episodes of Cute Programmer are exclusively streaming on WeTV. 

Where to watch Cute Programmer online

We will see Xing Zhao Lin and Bambi Zhu in the ongoing Chinese drama Cute Programmer

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Cute Programmer: Cast Members

Several well-known talented Chinese artists have played their roles incredibly in the ongoing Chinese drama Cute Programmer. The leading ones are Xing Zhao Lin and Bambi Zhu who are playing the roles of Jiang Yi Cheng and Lu Li respectively. Other than them, there are other supporting actors as well and the list includes- Yi Day Qian, Guan Xin, Tian Yi Tong, Joy Sheng, Jun Sheng, Zhao Zheng Yang, Zhang Qing Qing, Wang Yi Ming, Wang Ce, Rong Rong, Wang Wei Hua, Xu Rong Zhen, Hong Si Yang, Yu-Kai Ning, and He Qian Ying.

These actors have played the roles of Cheng Yi Ming, Gu Xiao Qi, Jiangxi Tong, Li Man, Gu Mo, Zhang Zhi Yuan, Huang Ren Xun, Li Shu Tian, Jiang Cheng Yang, Cheng Yue Ru, Lu Zheng Guo, Huang Cai Xia, Ye Zi, Xu Yuan Zhi, and  Zhong Yao respectively. Their contribution is as equal and important as that of the leading ones. To date, the drama received hugely positive reviews from the audiences for the performances of each actor.

Cute Programmer: The Plot in brief

Where to watch Cute Programmer Online?

Cute Programmer

Since the drama is a romantic comedy, we will see very strong and amazing chemistry between the leads but that’s going to happen lately. Jiang Yi Cheng owns the title of the drama as he plays the role of the cute programmer. Opposite to him, we will see Lu Li who falls in love with him. So she joins the high school where Cheng used to study earlier. Making him her inspiration, Lu Li earns good grades at her academics and wishes to join his company. But after graduation, she learns his company doesn’t recruit female employees.

To get into his company, she disguises herself as a man. But things don’t work well as per her plan. She gets caught. Cheng finds her real identity. Later, Cheng and Lu Li become a contracting couple for a year. Eventually, working and spending time together, Cheng starts to fall for Lu Li. Don’t you think the storyline is completely adorable? If you are way much emotional and romantic, I would highly recommend you to watch Cute Programmer. You will surely enjoy the entire drama.

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