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How Do You Use The Aurora Filter on Tiktok & Where To Find it?


Well, Aurora Filter is trending nowadays. Also, the Runaway Challenge is taking over a huge audience. While the trend and challenges going on, how can we keep calm? We need to brace up ourselves for the challenge, right? But, how to do it? How to do the Aurora Filter on the TikTok? Where to find it? Okay, okay, okay. Let’s calm down first. I am going to explain everything related to the ‘Aurora Filter,’ which is trending these days. But we need to learn the basics first. So, let us start with TikTok. TikTok is an application that can be downloaded on an android phone.

Moreover, it is one of the most loved applications in the globe so far. It is also competing with the apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Not just that, TikTok is on fire because of the daily new challenges which are going on, and it is also drawing a huge population on the platform. Let me clear it first that some countries have banned this app, so the users from such countries would not be able to access the application. Hence, check out if the application is accessible in your region or not. And that is it for the introduction. Now, let us get started.

Apps you will need for the ‘Aurora Filter’

Runaway Aurora on TikTok

Runaway Aurora on TikTok

Of course, you will need TikTok. And you will need Instagram as well. Yes, you need Insta for the Aurora Filter. Even though the trend is much popular on TikTok, but its origin is Instagram. So, the things you need to set before actually using the apps are the profiles on Instagram and TikTok. First, you need to download both apps from the Apps Store. Simply go to the apps store, search for the apps in the search bar, and then hit the install button. It will take few seconds to download both applications. As soon as the download gets complete, you need to set up your profile on both applications.

Let us start with Instagram. So, if you are new to Instagram, it will show you the instructions to set up your profile. You will need to fill up some of your personal information like name, email, and phone number. So, fill in the appropriate information. And Woah! Here you are on Instagram! Next, you need to set up your profile on TikTok. So, go to the app, and it will also show you how to create an ID on TikTok. Go along with the instructions carefully, and you will have a profile on TikTok in no time. It will also ask for your information like name and all. And those who already have an account on the apps, just sign in with your username and password. If you have forgotten your password, use the option- forgot password.

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How to use the ‘Aurora Filter’

Aurora Filter on Instagram

Aurora Filter on Instagram

Here we are all set to get into the Aurora Filter. Let us begin. Now that we have both the apps, we need to open Instagram. Go to Instagram, and you will find a panel at the bottom. Well, there are two ways to get it done. First, go to the section, the one with your profile picture on it, on the bottom panel. Then, you will find a ‘+’ symbol in the upper right corner. Hit that ‘+,’ and it will show you some options. Go to the story option and scroll right through all the effects, and select the last one, i.e., ‘Browse Effects.’ Then search for ‘Runaway Aurora’ in the search bar at the top. Or else, you can directly search for the ‘+’ at the top left corner on the homepage. It will have a panel on the bottom; choose ‘story’ from the options. And continue the same procedure.

Afterward, shoot a video of yourself using the Aurora Filter and upload it on TikTok. Well, that was all for the tutorial section. Now let me tell you about the ‘Runaway Challenge’ also called ‘Aurora Trend.’ It is quite similar to the Silhouette Challenge. In this Runaway Challenge, you need to show yourself as a black silhouette against the sky, or you can say against the light source in the video. It is based on the song Runaway by the singer Aurora. So, I wish you the best with the Runaway Challenge!

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