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Where is Virgin River Filmed? Locations, Streaming & Cast Members

Where is Virgin River filmed
Poster of Virgin River

Films have always been people’s choice, but series have now become people’s first choice. In every country, people love to watch drama series. Likewise, we are going to talk about one such series which has made everyone crazy, Virgin River. Virgin River is a popular series of 2019. People from everywhere have watched this series like hundred times. The film has been beautifully shot. It has so many overwhelming backgrounds. It seems that the film has been shot at elegant places. Now, its fans wanted to know Virgin River filming locations. They wanted to where the Virgin River was filmed.   So, at the request of millions of people, today, Otakukart will tell you about the film’s filming locations. In this article, we will discuss things about the filming locations of Virgin River, along with its cast & crew.

First of all, Virgin River is an American series of 2019. It has a popular fan base. 95% of Google users have liked this TV show. It has also got 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb. 80% of the rating has also been given to Rotten Tomatoes. On the 6th December 2019, its first season was launched. It is a series on Netflix. It has a total of 3 seasons and 30 episodes. Virgin River’s genre is a romantic drama. This series is based on the novel Virgin River novel. Now let’s know something more about Virgin River’s filming locations.

Virgin River Filming locations

Virgin River is filmed in Vancouver in Canada. As you all know, Virgin River is an American film, but it is shot in Canada. Some news was coming that the series would be shot in North California but due to some issue, it changed. And the set was changed and the series shot in Canada. Canada is used for interior shots. The main set of Virgin River is in Vancouver, where the series was filmed. But some other parts of British Columbia are also used in the film. The outer scenes of the Virgin River are shot at Snug Cove. In British Columbia, the Snug Cove is on Bowen Island & Post Coquitlam.

The scene of Jack Bar was filmed at the Watershed Grill in Brackendale. And the scenes which have mountains, rivers & natural beauty were also taken at The Watershed Grill & Squamish river. On the other hand, Mel’s cabin’s scene was taken in North Vancouver, at Murdo Frazer Park.

Where is Virgin River filmed

Virgin River

More details about Virgin River

Virgin River is a drama series of 2019. It is also an American series. The run time of each episode is 40 minutes to 48 minutes. It has a total of 3 seasons & 30 episodes. Each season has 10 episodes. The 10th episode of the first season of Virgin River was renewed for the second season. Its second season made an appearance on the 27th November 2020. Then again, the last episode of the second season was also renewed for the third season. It has ran from 9th July 2021 to the next 10 days. Now, the news is also coming that the 4th & 5th seasons of the Virgin River will come soon.

Sue Tenney is the developer of this series. And Ian Hay is the producer of Virgin River. While Jeff Garber has given music in this series. Its executive producers are Robyn Carr, Christopher E. Perry, Sue Tenney, Roma Roth & Jocelyn Fried. David Pelletier, David J. Frazee & Toby Gorman are also the cinematographers of Virgin River.

Streaming details of Virgin River

Virgin River is an original series of Netflix. It is available only on Netflix, and all the seasons are available. Netflix will only cost you $8.99 per month. Amazon Prime does not stream Virgin River. Virgin River is neither available on Hulu nor any device. It is only available on Netflix.

The cast of Virgin River

Many popular actors like Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe, Tim Matheson as Doc & Colin Lawrence as John Middleton have also worked in this iconic drama series. Virgin River also has Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea, Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine, Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie, Grayson Maxwell as Ricky & Ben Hollingsworth as Dan Brady. Many other actors have also worked in this drama series.

Where is Virgin River filmed

Couples of Virgin River

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