Where is ‘The Wild Gardener’ Filmed? Colin Carries The Legacy Forward

“The Wild Gardener” filming locations
The Wild Gardener

If you love gardening, this BBC series is sure to make you want to give your own garden a beautiful makeover. The Wild Gardener series has four parts, which are divided into episodes, and we would be following Colin Stafford-Johnson in his journey to renovate his garden. However, this is just not your ordinary home garden. He has inherited this garden from his childhood home, and he plans to bring it to the best shape possible. However, as you might have seen with a lot of gardening shows, you will find them trying to make the garden clean and restrictive. However, in this show, Collin wants to keep his garden as natural as possible. In this article, we will be having a look at “The Wild Gardener” filming locations.

The show had started on November 24 and aired first in Ireland. Produced by Crossing Line Productions, the show has managed to gain quite a good amount of followers on the first episode itself. People have loved the new notion that Collins follows to keep his garden as wild and natural as possible. Yet, he does not mean to let it out all wild. He attempts to bring about an artistic sense to all the wildness and naturalness of the garden without much restriction.

‘The Wild Gardener’ Filming Locations

As the show’s synopsis states, Collins will be trying to renovate his own garden that he had inherited from his family. His ancestral home is in Northern Ireland. Hence, most of “The Wild Gardener” filming locations are in this area. Not only that, like any other reality TV show, Collins will be seen going to other professional gardeners or even people who are interested in wildlife, so we might also find Collins going around the British Isles.

“The Wild Gardener” filming locations
The Wild Gardener

The series has just started, and as it is progressing, we will get to know more about the exact locations where every part is shot. However, maximum of the show is shot in Northern Ireland, where his childhood is situated. We cannot give away the exact address for the sake of the privacy of the celebrity. 

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Who is Colin Stafford-Johnson in “The Wild Gardener”?

You might be wondering about the host of the BBC show. Who is Collin Johnson, and how did he get such a show. Collin Johnson is the son of the first TV show gardener, Ben Johnson. As his father owned quite a huge garden which he liked to maintain. Johnson was a wildlife photographer who had great knowledge about gardening because of his father. Not only that, before entering into the reality show, he was a cameraman who had won multiple awards.

the wild gardener filming locations
Colin Stafford-Johnson

Collins was also a director and broadcaster for famous shows like Animal Babies: First Year on Earth and Natural World: Queen of Tigers and also Wild Cuba: A Caribbean Journey. His father had taught him gardening from a very early age. Collins has also revealed in an interview that during the holiday season, his father would teach him the very basics of gardening and even the advanced techniques. His father was known to have styled the most famous gardens in Britain and Ireland. When Collins did not follow in his father’s footsteps, people were quite disappointed.

However, he has finally got into the world of gardening, but he is not here in a conventional manner. According to him, the gardens are not supposed to be lawns, they are something that nature wants. Wildlife and nature have already been destroyed by mankind a lot. He wants to turn his garden into something naturally beautiful without destroying its naturalness. 

You can watch small snippets from the episodes here

“The Wild Gardener” BBC One

The show is featured on BBC One in the Northern Isles. Each episode is 60 minutes long and will have four episodes. Each of the episodes will show his journey across Britain, talking about his vision for the garden and consulting the other gardeners. He would also show how to manage a wild garden perfectly. There are a lot of expectations from this show. More on Collins, because his father was an extremely famous TV gardener.