Where is the Summer Rental Filmed? All About The Film’s Production

Some movies are known for their star cast, some for it’s plotting, the movie we are going to talk about has its filming locations as its real star. The movie here is the Summer Rental, an old movie. There are always loads of controversies happening in our day-to-day life. The laughs we gain by watching this movie are actually due to those problems faced by the hero. It was Candy’s first starring role in a feature movie. The filming of this movie took around nine weeks and produced such a great shoot.

This film is actually based on a holiday of Bernie Brillstein when he rented a house at the beach in California. The whole movie is full of the entertaining incidences happening with the hero during his summer vacation. The beautiful and happy ending of the Summer Rental gives pleasure. The shooting of the movie was done with so many hardships as there were many hurdles while filming on some of the locations. Also, the season i.e. summer enabled the problems to attack the movie makers but they succeed in completing the shoot. This blog contains many more things about the film.

Where was the Summer Rental filmed?

The movie didn’t include many places while it was shooting. However, this filmography of the late Canadian actor John Candy was very lengthy and has an appreciable loyal fan base. It is actually true that the filming location has played a really astonishing role in the Summer Rental. Although many scenes were even very hard to be filmed like the scenes on Pass-a-Grille beach and many more, the movie proved it to be very well in terms of the shooting.

The place as Citrus Cove in the movie is actually St. Pete Beach, near St. Petersburg, Florida. The arrival of the Chesters in Citrus love showed Johns Pass Bridge. The sailboat regatta was shot on Tampa Bay, some scenes were filmed in the Beach Theatre, and Vinoy, and the old Weedon Island power plant can also be seen in the film. The radar room scenes of the air traffic control were filmed at the Atlanta Air Route Traffic Control Center in Hampton, Georgia.

The Summer rental filmed


The Summer Rental is overloaded with comedy and joy. The story of the film is about an air traffic controller, Jack Chester who did a big mistake in his job, nearly causing a mid-air collision. He was given five weeks’ paid leave instead of firing him. He decided to utilize that time with his family which includes his wife Sandy and three children and takes them on a summer vacation to the Gulf Coast resort town of Citrus Cove, Florida.

During his vacation, he faced a bucket full of troubles related to the restaurant, the wrong address, and so on. The most unfortunate one was when he locked horns with Al Pellet who wanted them to leave the house of which he was the new owner after the death of the previous ones. Jack challenged Pellet for a race and Jack could win the right to stay in the house for two more weeks without paying. With the help of Scully, unexpectedly, Jack attains victory at last.

Summer Rental

Facts about the movie

Summer Rental is an American English film of 1985 with comedy genre. Alan Silvestri was the composer of the original music of the movie. The movie was released on 9th August 1985 by Paramount Pictures. Carl Reiner and John Candy were the directors of the Summer rental. Jeremy Stevens and Mark Reisman were the screenplay writers. George Shapiro was the producer of the movie.

The main star cast of the movie includes John Candy as Jack Chester, Karen Austin as Sandy Chester, Kerri Green as Jennifer Chester, Joey Lawrence as Bobby Chester, Aubrey Jene as Laurie Chester, Rip Torn as Richard Scully, Richard Crenna as Al Pellet, John Larroquette as Don Moore, Richard Herd as Angus, Lois Hamilton as Vicki Sanders, Carmine Caridi as Ed Sanders, Francis as Hal, Bob Wells as Stan, Dick Anthony as Dan Gardner, Reni Santoni as Announcer, and Harry Yorku as Yorku.

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