Where is the Movie ‘Signs’ Filmed? Shooting of The Fiction Mystery Thriller


Science fiction or mystery thriller or a mixture of both, Signs is an American science fiction mystery-thriller film. ‘Signs’ was directed by M.Night Shyamalan. Its plot revolves around Graham Hess, a former Episcopal priest played by Mel Gibson, who uncovers a sequence of crop circles in his cornfield. Hess gradually realizes that the event is caused by alien life. Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, and Abigail Breslin also star in the movie. The film Signs delves into the topics of faith, kinship, and extraterrestrials.

The film received numerous nominations, including those from the Online Film Critics Society and the Empire Awards. ‘Signs’ was also recognized by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. An award-winning film indeed was a great success and had positive reviews from everyone. Filming locations of a movie plays an important role in its success. So, here we are to take you through the plot, cast, filming locations, and the reactions received with respect to the release of the film.

Signs Plot

Graham Hess, a former Episcopal priest, lives on a remote farm near Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with his asthmatic adolescent son Morgan and younger daughter Bo. Graham’s younger brother Merrill, a failed minor-league baseball player, has been living on the farm to help out since Graham’s wife Colleen died in a traffic accident six months prior, as depicted in flashbacks. Graham has subsequently lost his religious faith and left the church as a result of the experience.

Graham and Merrill are chasing a tall black stranger who disappears into the field one night. Graham subsequently sees another in the corn stalks, and odd clicking noises can be heard through Bo’s old baby monitor. Footage of what looks to be an extraterrestrial has emerged from Brazil, near a child’s birthday celebration. Ray Reddy, the guy responsible for Colleen’s death, telephones the Hess family but then abruptly hangs up. Graham goes to investigate and discovers Reddy inside his car. Reddy expresses regret for Colleen’s death and informs Graham that a monster is imprisoned within his pantry.

Joaquin Phoenix And Mel Gibson

The Hesses shelter themselves inside their house as a worldwide extraterrestrial invasion begins. Aliens burst into the house, forcing the family to flee to the basement. Morgan experiences an asthma episode but makes it through the night. The family returns the next morning when radio reports indicate that the aliens had unexpectedly abandoned Earth. The alien locked within Reddy’s pantry, recognized by its missing fingertips, enter the home and kidnaps Morgan. Graham instructs Merrill to “swing away” with his baseball bat, recalling Colleen’s last words. Morgan gets sprayed with deadly gas from the alien’s wrist. Graham resuscitates his afflicted son as Merrill slams the creature into glasses of water left by Bo, the liquid burning its skin. Merrill continues to strike the beast, killing it.

Signs: Cast Of The Science Fiction

A successful movie has a wonderful cast. Graham Hess Father is played by Mel Gibson. Merrill Hess, Graham’s younger brother, Colleen’s brother-in-law, and Morgan and Bo’s uncle, is played by Joaquin Phoenix. Morgan Hess is played by Rory Culkin. The role of Graham’s daughter is played by Abigail Breslin. These are the main leads of the ‘Signs’: an American mystery thriller, released in 2002. 

Where Was ‘Signs’ Filmed?

The filming for signs started on September 12, 2001. All on-location sequences were shot in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Most of the filming was done in a little warehouse-turned studio. The home and cornfield sequences were shot on the campus of Delaware Valley University, an agricultural institution, where they had access to 40 acres of property. The home where filming was done was specially set up for the filming of ‘Signs’. 


The bookshop and pizza shop scenes were shot in Newtown, Pennsylvania and this location had a very unique color scheme. The pharmacy scene was shot in Morrisville, Pennsylvania and the location was about 20 minutes away from the Newtown location. The name of the pharmacy was Burns Pharmacy. In total, there were 13 filming locations. These include Bucks County, Delaware Valley College, Newtown, Oxford, Doylestown, Morrisville, Bensalem Township, Fremont, England, USA, and the UK. 

Response From The Critics

In its first weekend, Signs grossed $60,117,080 from 3,264 theatres. It was Mel Gibson’s greatest opening weekend ever, earning more than Disney’s previous record for a live-action non-sequel that wasn’t based on existing popular source material, which was held by Pearl Harbor. The science-fiction grossed a total of $408,247,917 worldwide, including $227,966,634 in the United States and $180,281,283 in the United Kingdom. The overall response was positive. Many of the reviewers appreciated M.Night Shyamalan, giving 4 stars to the film.