Where Is The Baker’s Son Filmed? Locations, Cast Members & Preview

where was the Baker's son filmed?
The Baker's Son

The Baker’s Son is a rom-com movie with a little magic. Matt, a baker’s son, lived on the Islands of Windward, who makes the most delicious bread only when he is in love. However, the entire town is also reliant on his mood. They think when Matt gets unhappy or anxious, his bread also loses its special ingredient, perhaps the entire town becomes miserable as well. Then, the townspeople got their turns to the girl named Annie, who came there to perform at local events. When she leaves, Matt loses his spark too.

The citizens of the island then came together to find a new partner for their Baker to motivate him. The Baker’s Son is a rom-com movie with a little magic. Brant, who represented himself as Matt in the movie, is definitely not a professional baker. The production team invited a real baker to get Brant some basic tips for being a baker. The skilled Baker taught Brant how to compress 40 years into one afternoon. The scenes in the movie look so aesthetic heartwarming, and beautiful, but where was The Baker’s son filmed?

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The Baker’s son poster

Where was The Baker’s son filmed?

The Baker’s Son is filmed on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, in Cowichan Bay, Brentwood Bay, and Chemainus. For the Hallmark romantic comedy, both external and internal sequences were shot in other local towns. It was all started in March 2021 and got ended up in April 2021. Let’s have a look at the unique filming sites that contributed to the pleasant small-town atmosphere of the film.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The southern Vancouver Island’s seaside town of Chemainus on the east coast, vastly used for filming. The town has been used as a figurine for the fictional town of Windward, featured in the movie. Outdoor filming took place in a part of Chemainus’ downtown area, notably around Willow Street between Victoria and Mill Streets. The Willow Street Cafe, located at 9749 Willow Street captivated by the filmmaking crew, which absolutely changed the film’s backdrop. It took several takes while shooting the exterior as well as the interior of the cafe, due to which the cafe remained close for the local people.

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Matt (Brant Daugherty) followed his passion by making bread

In addition, the Owl’s Nest Bakery and Bistro in downtown Chemainus, situated at 9752 Willow St, functioned as Duval Boulangerie for the film. The production allegedly spent some days within and around Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. The team then ventured outside of the city to shoot in Brentwood Bay, a town that is less than an hour away.

About the Cast

The Baker’s Son features Brant Daugherty and Eloise Mumford in the lead roles. They both have also worked together in ‘Fifty shades freed’ in 2018. Eloise is portrayed as Kate Kavanaugh in all three parts of Fifty shades, whereas Brant plays the role of Anastasia’s bodyguard Sawyer. Serge is also in the Hallmark movie, who played the role of Jean. Talking about his achievements, he has worked on several other projects also, including Chesapeake Shores, Blue Moon, Wedding March 3, Nine Lives, Christmas on Holly Lane, etc. Brenda Crichlow was cast as Kathryn in the movie. Her additional credits include If I Only Had Christmas, Jeremiah, On the farm, Take-Two, etc.

Other guest stars who were also cast in the movie include Maude Green, Haig Sutherland, Elysia Rotaru, Brenda M. Crichlow, Serge Houde, Oliver Rice, Doron Bell, Nathaniel Arcand, Eric Keenleyside, and Sebastian Mars Fairley.

The Baker’s Son: Story

One day,  on a small island of Windward, a girl named Annie visited for her local dance performance, Matt got fascinated by her moves and somehow find his way to impress that girl with his baking skills. He made his bread from monotonous to magnificent. Suddenly, all the people of the town and the tourists got inspired by the kind of bread Matt makes. When Annie left the town, Matt got upset and loses the magic of his baking.

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Matt, a Baker’s son

Then, the townsfolk came together to find Matt a new lover so that he could get his magic back and bake delicious bread for all the villagers. Matt, too, got frustrated when he loses his enchantment in making bread, he seeks inspiration from his childhood friend and true love, Annie. Who hasn’t watched the movie yet, find out if they again meet up together or not.

You can watch it on Amazon.

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