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Where is ‘School Ties’ Filmed? All About The Shoot Location

Where is 'School Ties' Filmed
Where Was 'School Ties' Filmed? All About The Shoot Location

We always seem to think that how good it would have been if we were born in the ’50s or ’60s. Back then were the simpler times with limited technology but a great company of friends and family. Thinks looked so simple back then. People would read books for entertainment, and now people read them or ‘pretend’ to read them just so they could act cool and fit in with cool kids. Schools were so good back then with really good teachers and classmates. Well, the story of the film ‘School Ties’ tells an entirely different story about the schools back then. In this article, we will be talking about where is ‘School Ties’ filmed. Along with that, we would also be looking at the cast and the story in general.

‘School Ties’ is an American sports-drama film directed by Robert Mandel. It was first released in the year 1992. The movie had an all-star cast of all the big names in Hollywood at that time and even today. Brendan Fraser played the role of David Greene and was the main protagonist of the film, whereas Matt Damon plays the role of Charlie Dillon and is the antagonist. The cast also consists of other talented actors like Ben Affleck, Chris O’Donnell, Randall Batinkoff, Peter Donat, and many more. Amy Locane plays the role of Sally Wheeler, who is the love interest of David. Now enough with the history lesson, let’s look at where is ‘School Ties’ filmed.

The Storyline Of ‘School Ties’

Set in the era of 1950s, the life of David Greene, a middle-class Jewish boy from Scranton, Pennsylvania, is about to be changed. Due to his exceptional grade and him being a star quarterback in high school, he is presented with an opportunity. He was given a football scholarship to the exclusive Massachusetts Perp School. When he arrives, he meets with his new football teammates Charlie Dillon, Jack Connors, and Rip Van Kelt. These, along with his roommate Chris Reece are the big shots of the campus from wealthy families. After spending a little bit of time with them, David soon realizes that his new friends are not big fans of Jews. And so, he decided to keep his heritage a secret.

Where Was'School Ties' Filmed? All About The Shoot Location

Matt Damon, Randall Batinkoff, and Brendan Fraser

David soon becomes a team hero after winning a few matches. And while doing so, he now had the attention of a debutante by the Sally Wheeler. Dillon used to claim that she was his girlfriend. In the match against the school’s rival St. Luke’s, they won, and Dillon accidentally found out that David was a Jew. Enraged by this, he told his teammates, friends, and Sally about it, and they all turned against David. There was also an incident where a sign was posted above his bed which had a Swastika on it and the words “Go Home Jew”.

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Where is ‘School Ties’ Filmed?

The film ‘School Ties’ was, for the most part, filmed at Middlesex School in Concord, Massachusetts. A huge chunk of the movie was filmed there as the school truly resembled what the director, Robert Mandel, had in mind. All the scenes involving David in Pennsylvania were shot in Pennslyvania itself. The scene where he was at the bus depot was shot in the original location and not on some set. For the Prep school, apart from the one mentioned, others were used as well, like Worchester Academy, Groton School, and Lawrence Academy. And all these schools are in Massachusetts itself, so the cast didn’t have to move much.

Where Was'School Ties' Filmed? All About The Shoot Location

Massachusetts Prep School in ‘School Ties’

The opening scene of the movie was shot at Wyandotte Street, Pennslyvania. Other locations include the Zion Lutheran Church and Bethlehem Steel Plant. Some of the notable locations that you might have noticed in the opening credit scene were from Chip’s Dinner and Roxy Theatre was from Northampton part of the Pennslyvania. All in all, the film in its entirety was shot in Pennslyvania and Massachusetts, but majorly in Massachusetts as the whole plot takes place around the campus itself.

Ending Of ‘School Ties’

During the history exam, Dillon decided to carry a cheat sheet. Unlucky from him, while leaving the class, he gets pushed, and the sheet falls on the floor. Mr. Geirasch picks it up tells everyone that he will fail each and everyone in the class if the culprit does not present himself. He then leaves the task of finding the culprit to the students themselves and the class prefect, Van Kelt. David finds out that it was Dillon who cheated in the exam and asked him to confess. He then apologizes to him and tries to buy his silence with money.

Where is School Ties Filmed

Dillon and David fighting while Van Kelt tries to stop them

Later in the class, before David could say something, Dillon accuses him of cheating, and both of them start fighting. Van Kelt separates them and tells them that let the class decide. The whole class bore a similar prejudice against the Jews, so they naturally voted for him. And so Van Kelt asks him to confess his cheating to the headmaster, Dr. Bartram. David goes to the headmaster’s office and tells him that he was the one who cheated. However, the headmaster told him that Van Kelt had explained the situation and also told him who the real cheater was. Dillon is then expelled from the school.

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