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Where Is Rio Bravo Filmed? Location & Cast

where was Rio Bravo Filmed
Poster of Rio Bravo

Locations of the movies have always been one of the most important factors in film’s success. People always use to watch the beautiful scenes, five-star hotels, beaches, mountains & others. There is also a movie named Rio Bravo. The film has been beautifully shot. It was made in 1959. But still, its scenes, hotel rooms, parks & other locations are so wonderful. The movie was one of the most popular hits of that era. Its total box-office collection at that time was $5.75 million. The main reason for the success of this movie was its filming location. People from everywhere have appreciated this movie. And now, they are asking about its filming location. They wanted to know where is Rio Bravo filmed?

This is not the sudden question that people have asked. The filming location of the Rio Bravo has been one of the most searched topics of this century. People for the past 10 -15 years are searching for this film’s location. They wanted to know where was this beautiful movie, Rio Bravo shot. So, no need to worry, Otakukart is here for you all. In this article, we will tell you about the most-asked question, the filming location of Rio Bravo. And also, we will discuss its summary & storyline with its cast. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

Filming location of Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo is one of the most popular movies of the 1960s. The film was shot in Old Tucson. It was shot in 1958. Rio Bravo was filmed at the Old Tucson Studios. There are many behind the shots of the film. In this article, we will add some off-screen images. So, Old Tucson is an American movie studio and theme park. It is situated in the west of Tucson in Arizona. The studio is adjacent to the Tucson Mountains and too close to the western portion of Saguaro National Park. Also, the movie was shot in the summer of 1958.

where was Rio Bravo Filmed

Shooting of Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo

After knowing where was Rio Bravo filmed, let’s know something about the film. Rio Bravo is one of the most-watched movies of 1960. 89% of Google users have liked this movie. It has got 8 out of 10 on IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes have given 98% review. And it has got 93% review by Metacritic. The movie was released on the 18th of March 1959 in the USA. Its genre is western romance. Howard Hawks has directed this movie. Dimitri Tiomkin. Its featured song is Rio Bravo. The total box office collection of Rio Bravo is $5.75 million. While its budget was $1,214,899. Rio Bravo is based on Rio Bravo, by B.H. McCampbell. B.H. McCampbell is a film writer. Many legendary actors have also worked in this popular film. The film’s duration is 2 hour 21 minutes.

Rio Bravo’s Summary

The movie story is based on a sheriff who has enlisted a drunk. Sheriff John T. is the main character of the film. He founds a kid & an old man to help him fight off a baron. The baron was a ruthless cattle baron. John Wayne is a sheriff of a small town in the Southwest of Texas. He kept custody of a  murderer. The murderer’s brother was a powerful rancher. His brother wants him to escape. Sheriff planned to take back the rancher’s illegal guns until the marshal reached. So, in the end, some mysterious beauty has entered into the case. To complete the summary. Watch the movie on YouTube. The movie is also available on Netflix. But the film is not available on Amazon Prime Video.


John Wayne has portrayed the main character. His character was Sherriff JohnT. He is a precious gem of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The next character is feathers. Feathers was also one of the main characters of the film. Angie Dickinson has portrayed the character of Feathers. Then we have Ricky Nelson. Rickey Nelson has portrayed Colorado Ryan’s role. Dean Martin & Walter Brennan was also in the movie. Dean Martin has portrayed Dude’s role and Walter has portrayed Stumpy’s role. Claude Akins has played Joe Burdette’s role. John Russell has portrayed the character of Nathan Burdette. Rio Bravo has also Estelita Rodriguez. She has portrayed the character of Consuela Robert.

where was Rio Bravo Filmed

Behind the scene of Rio Bravo

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