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Where Is Pirates Of The Caribbean Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Where was pirates of the caribbean filmed?
Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean

Where was “Pirates of the Caribbean” filmed? Over time, the title, which holds several epic films under its name, has scattered the magic of its legacy. And even if you had witnessed any one of them, you might not be able to deny the fact that the extraordinary cinematography, locations, paired with the stardom of its actors, had helped all these movies on their journey towards success. And those beautiful and unforgettable scenes make us wonder that where was “Pirates of the Caribbean” filmed? If the same question was knocking on your head for a long time, then no worries! And it is because this article is capable enough to quench your thirst. As the article would open its folds, you would be knowing several interesting facts related to one of the most loved series of the films, which is “Pirates of the Caribbean”!

Before we step into the main part of the article, let us discuss a little more about this film series. So, “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a series of fantasy swashbuckler films. Which was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and is based on Walt Disney’s theme park attraction of the very same name. Before we reveal that where was “Pirates of the Caribbean” filmed? Let us know the various films which are under it!

Where was pirates of the caribbean filmed?

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Films under the title “Pirates of the Caribbean”

The very first film under this title was “The Curse of the Black Pearl.” It was a 2003 film.  The next film under this title was “Dead Man’s Chest”. It was a 2006 film. The third installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” was “At World’s End”. It was released in 2007. The fourth on the list is “On Stranger Tides.” It was a 2011 film. The next on the list is “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Which was a 2017 film. Along with all these, some spin-offs are also on this list! We would discuss more things related to them. But before that, let us reveal that where was “Pirates of the Caribbean” filmed?

Where was “Pirates of the Caribbean” filmed?

Here it would be worth mentioning that the advancement in technology potentially helps us in almost every field. Whether it’s the field related to various industries, medical lines, or even media! Technology has firmed its roots in our life. Here we are discussing the importance of technology, because to a very great extent, it has helped to ease the difficulty to shoot the tricky and laborious scenes. Many of the mind-blowing scenes of “Pirates of the Caribbean” were filmed using advanced technologies. Apart from the studio, the filming location includes the following places.

Where was pirates of the caribbean filmed?

Filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Starting with  St. Vincent in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Where the scenes of Port Royal and Tortuga were done successfully. The next location on this list is Dominica. Where the scenes of Isla de Pelegostos and Isla Cruces were filmed. While proceeding with this list, the next location covers White Cay in the Bahamas. Where the scenes of “Isla Cruces” beaches were shot. The next location which had potentially served as a perfect filming location for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” was Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, in the U.S.A. Where the scenes of Davy Jones’ Locker were filmed. Davy Jones’ Locker was also referred to as the Land of the Dead.

The other important locations where the shooting of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was done are as follows. So, the next name on this list includes the wonderful locations of Honopu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii in the U.S.A. Where the scenes of  White Cap Bay were filmed. White Cap Bay was a large cove on a mysterious island. The next location on this list is Hampton Court Palace, London in England. Where the scenes of St. James’s Palace were filmed. Some other filming locations include Hastings Point, New South Wales, in Australia. Where the scenes of Hangman’s Bay were filmed. Hangman’s Bay was an island in the Caribbean Sea.

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