Where is ‘Kenan’ Filmed? All About The Filming Locations

Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson

Are you someone who loves to watch the sitcom genre? If yes, Kenan is a must-watch for you. Kenan is a sitcom television show. The show was created by Jackie Clarke and David Caspe. Kenan Thompson, Dane Lane, and Danah Lane are the main leads of the Kenan. Jackie Clarke and David Caspe developed the American comedic television series Kenan. The filming locations play an important role in the success of any series because it attracts many people. Here we shall see, where is ‘Kenan’ filmed?

The sitcom depicts Williams’ attempts to move on from his old life, despite opposition from his ex-father-in-law Rick (Don Johnson) and brother Gary (Chris Redd). He also becomes close friends with Mika (Kimrie Lewis), the executive producer of his show. Kenan debuted on NBC on February 16, 2021. Kenan is a hit series that has two seasons. The second season is still not out, and the sitcom fans are eagerly waiting for the season to be out.

Story Behind Kenan 

The NBC comedy ‘Kenan’ follows the titular protagonist as he attempts to rebuild his life after his wife dies. Kenan is a popular TV personality, but he is now responsible for raising his two girls on his own. When their father is at work, Aubrey and Birdie require someone to care about them. Fortunately, Kenan’s father-in-law, Rick, volunteers to assist him. Although Kenan is hesitant at first, he understands that the kids will need someone to look after them while he is away and accepts Rick’s assistance.

Kenan Thompson
Kenan Thompson

Kenan strives to heal from the emotional and psychological pain caused by his wife’s death. Rick, on the other hand, spends as much time as he can with his grandchildren, hoping to make atonement for not being present while his daughter was small. As the quirky family begins to live together, the disparity in their ages and beliefs creates a fascinating program that has the ability to keep people entertained for a long time.

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NBC’s Kenan Cast And Production

Jackie Clarke, co-creator and former Superstore head writer, has written three distinct versions starring Kenan Thompson. Originally, the show was slated to premiere under the title Saving Larry. The title was eventually changed to Saving Kenan. The Kenan Show, the third effort, was scheduled to premiere in May 2019. In January 2019, Chris Rock was hired as the pilot’s director and executive producer. The pilot, however, was never shown, and the project was placed on hold for re-tooling. Ken Whittingham directed Kenan’s pilot episode after Rock stepped out of the project. The new title and cast were virtually unveiled at the TCA panel on January 26, 2021, as part of NBC’s 2021 Winter Press Tour. 

Kenan Thompson, well known for his work on Saturday Night Live show, is the show’s main lead. Thompson stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Every comedian’s desire is to have their own show on one of the big networks, preferably one of the original three. It’s momentous, mind-boggling, and weird”. Thompson first signed an agreement with Universal Television in late 2018, with intentions for his program to premiere on NBC the following year. The role of the daughters was played by Dani and Danah Lane. Originally, Andy Garcia was selected for the part of Percy, Kenan’s father-in-law. However, Garcia walked out of the movie in 2019, and Don Johnson was cast in his place. The name of the character was likewise altered to Rick. Mika, Kenan’s executive producer, was originally called Erica and was played by actress Punam Patel.

Where is Kenan Filmed?

Filming locations are an important part of any series. Known for its Hollywood entertainment sector, beautiful scenery, and scenic beachfront sunsets, the city is none other than Los Angeles, where the famous sitcom ‘Kenan’ was filmed. Los Angeles, the heart of the American television and film industry, is considered one of the world’s leading film locations. Vincent Rodriguez, one of the stars of ‘Kenan,’ uploaded a photo while filming the show in Los Angeles.

Where is Kenan Filmed?
Kenan Season 1

Kenan is filmed in Universal Studios Hollywood. The studio is located in the San Fernando Valley, a neighborhood of Los Angeles County, California. The studio provides fans with a charming view and includes various tourist attractions, including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which allows fans to visit the magical world of Hogwarts. Taylor Louderman, who portrays the role of Tami in Kenan, shared an Instagram photo from the Universal Studios Hollywood set.

Kenan Thompson had a hard time managing the shooting of the Kenan. This was because of his tight schedule. At the same time, he also was filming for SNL. Kenan Thompson had to go to New York and again travel back to Los Angeles for the shoot.

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