Where Is Highway Thru Hell Filmed? Locations And The Difficulties Faced

Highway Thru Hell

Highway Thru Hell is a reality television show that originates in the wonderful country of Canada. Mark A. Miller, Kevin Mills, and Neil Thomas produced the program, which premiered in 2010. Highway Thru Hell is based on how a local heavy recovery company works through the harsh winters to assist highway users who have been victims of treacherous road conditions. The reality show is one-of-its-kind, showing the harsh realities faced by people during the winter season on the roads.

The show was a huge hit when it first aired. It is currently in its tenth season. Viewers from all around the world eagerly wait for Highway Thru Hell. Huge engines, harsh weather, and big muscular men are popular with viewers all around the world. High Thru Hell was shot in various locations. Here, we shall take you through all the filming locations.

Highway Thru Hell Plot

Highway Thru Hell is a documentary that brings along thrill as well as realities. The concept arose from an accidental meeting with Jamie Davis. Jamie Davis is a heavy rescue operator in British Columbia. So who exactly is Jamie Davis? Davis and his firm, Motor Truck and Auto are a powerful rescue squad. They frequently deals with major and frightening roadside incidents.

The weather may be particularly unsafe during the winter months, and this results in a lot of accidents and safety difficulties on the roadways. The role of Davis and his team come to play here, and they save the lives of thousands of travelers. The life of Davis piqued the interest of Miller, Mills, and Thomas. They then contacted Davis. Davis agreed to the idea of the filming of Highway Thru Hell and decided to change the opinion of people about their noble profession of saving lives.

Highway Thru Hell Filming And Production

Highway Thru Hell premiered on the Discovery Channel in Canada in September 2012. Steep slopes, hazardous drop-offs, deadly rockslides, and the worst weather in a decade enthralled viewers. Highway Thru Hell became the channel’s most-watched series debut in history. The second season launched on September 3, 2013, with 13 new episodes. Davis sought out new territory and expanded his business along Alberta Highway 63 after Season 2 as competition in the Hope region got more heated.

Season 1 Highway Thru Hell
Jamie Davis

In season 3, Highway Thru Hell, Davis sought out new territory and expanded his business. During the winter of 2014–2015, Highway Thru Hell Season 4 was shot in British Columbia and Alberta. Farer’s Valley in British Columbia was also used for some of the filming for Season 4. Highway Thru Hell season 5 premiered on September 2016. The start of the new season was quite heart-touching as Davis had to sell his rotator. In Season 6, Davis closes his company’s Alberta headquarters. He confined his activities in British Columbia villages of Hope and Chilliwack. Highway Thru Hell season 7 was filmed in Hope.

The Coquihalla Highway is a major thoroughfare in British Columbia, and the season 8,9, and 10 were filmed there. The Coquihalla Highway, often known as Highway 5, is one of the most well-known and deadly roadways in British Columbia, Canada. The roadway is four to six lanes wide and was previously part of the historic Kettle Valley Railway’s route, which ran from 1912 until 1958.

Highway Through Hell Difficulties Faced

The team demonstrated to the rest of the world exactly how risky their profession was in Season 6. Sure, prior seasons had given viewers a taste, but this episode brought the squad to the brink of disaster. That year’s winter had been particularly harsh, and Jamie Davis and his team had been exceedingly busy. The squad was dispatched to deal with a car accident on the edge of a cliff.

“You Can’t Argue With Gravity” was one of the most challenging episodes shot. So, what occurred exactly? The two were dispatched to save a loaded truck that was dangling over a 300-foot drop, a task Boyd described as the most dangerous he had ever done. Despite the fact that it was terrifying, the guys completed the task.

Season 1 Highway Thru Hell
Team Of Highway Through Hell

Highway Thru Hell undoubtedly lives true to its name, particularly when the episodes involve a lot of fire and flames. That’s right, in one episode, the squad was dispatched to a flaming crash on Alberta’s Highway 881. A tanker truck carrying fuel and a massive truck hauling logs were both involved in the incident. The accident, as feared, resulted in a massive barrel of flames, which Jamie Davis and crew had to deal with. Fortunately, both drivers survived and were flown away from the site.

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