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Where is Fort Dobbs Filmed? Production Locations Of The Classic Movie

Where is Fort Dobbs filmed? One of the classic western films that will always be hailed for its great storyline, plot, characters, and camera work is Fort Dobbs. It is also one of the oldest western films to have existed in the genre. The movie was released in the year 1958 and was helmed by none other than Gordon Douglas – a man known for both directing and writing epic western films in Hollywood. His other great films include Yellowstone Kelly in the year 1959 and Gold of the Seven Saints in the year 1961. Fort Dobbs came out in the year 1958.

Fort Dobbs starred actor Clint Walker in the lead role. The movie was based on a screenplay by GWG aka, George W. George, and also had one of the Kennedys in its name – Burt Kennedy. William H. Clothier led the photography of the movie, whereas the movie was released under the banner of Warner Brothers. It was originally black and white, give Cinema was a fairly new means of mass communication at the time. Since Fort Dobbs is 93 minutes long, fans often wonder which parts of it were shot where. Today we’ll take you through the principal photography of the movie, its main locales, and their names. Please keep reading down below.

Fort Dobbs Plot

Before we move into the crucial details of the movie, let’s just first go through the main plot of the movie. The lead star, Mr. Walker, is actually a murder fugitive who saves a widow and her infant child from a Comanches attack. He then leads a defense attack against the Comanches. Then the hero of the movie, along with the lady he’s just saved – Miss Celia Grey travels from one hard terrain into another. Mostly the western prairie of the United States. As the two drag themselves across the hard terrains, they are forced to reconcile the bitter truth along the way.

Fort Dobbs picks pace in later parts

The first two-thirds of Fort Dobbs is almost made of no action.

After the attack against the Indians is successfully led, the town sheriff applauds Gar Davis for saving a fellow American citizen against the brutal attack, and he is thereby absolved of all of his crimes. In the end, Celia places her trust fully in Gar, and that’s where the movie concludes.

Though the first two halves of the movie are incredibly slow, it picks pace slowly in the second half – towards the very end. The real action and the real thrill that a westerner presents itself with is only seen when Garr defends Celia against a Comanches attack. There is a slight romance angle between the two, but nothing major happens on that front during the first half o the movie since Celia is very much still mistrustful of Garr.

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Fort Dobbs was lead by Clint Walker as Gar Davis, actor Richard Eyer as Chad Grey, Russ Conway as the Sheriff, Virginia Mayo as Celia Grey, Brian Keith as Clett, and lastly, Michael Dante as Billings.

Fort Dobbs is one of the earliest westerners

The film Fort Dobbs was mostly shot in the wild wild west and the prairie region of the United States.

It is generally believed that the cast of the movie just couldn’t get their Southern accent right throughout the movie, and that’s one of the reasons why Fort Dobbs is mostly criticized. Besides Walker himself, Celia’s accent was criticized by the majority of US publications.

Where is Fort Dobbs filmed?

Fort Dobbs was filmed all over the wild wild west of America. Shooting mostly took place in and around areas such as Duck Creek, Aspen Mirror Lake, Paria, Kanab Canyon, Cave Lakes Canyon, Kanab movie fort, Colorado River. Other fillings locations included Mat Martin Wash and Professor Valley in Utah.

The prime locations of the movie are mostly wild prairie grasslands, accompanied by Riverlands and jungles. They fit the plot of the film as is seen in any Western thriller. Nevertheless, as one of the early western thriller films to come out from Hollywood, Fort Dobbs holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the fans.

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