Where Is Baby It’s Cold Inside Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Baby, It’s Cold Inside Filming Locations
Baby, It’s Cold Inside

Baby, Its Cold Inside is another Hallmark film which we will be looking at the filming locations. Film locations serve a huge role in conveying to the audience what the movie is about and what story it is telling. Hallmark movies are famous for having pleasant locations, which most of the viewers would love to know where they have been filmed. This is why we are today looking at where was Baby, It’s Cold Inside filmed. Along with the movie locations, we will be taking a look around the place and the cast for the movie.

Baby, It’s Cold Inside tells us the story of a travel agent named Hannah, who was planning to enjoy her tropical vacation. But unfortunately, her boss assigned her with an assignment where she had to travel to Canada’s Ice Hotel to make sure everything was right as they were planning to launch a new arm of the company. Hannah takes her best friend Phoebe to travel with her. When they arrived, they were surprised at how beautiful the hotel was. She meets Ben, one of the hotel’s owners, and together they have to impress a hotel reviewer. While working together, they soon discover that they work incredibly well together.

where was baby it's cold inside filmed
Baby it’s Cold Inside

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Where Is Baby, It’s Cold Inside Filmed?

Baby, It’s Cold Inside was filmed in Quebec, Canada, at Hotel de Glace. We will be looking more about the location in detail later, and for a movie, it is indeed a job for the filmmaker to choose a perfect location for their movie. While locations play a good role in telling the story, they should also make the cast and crew feel at home. A movie can only bring the best out of the cast as a character by a good location. As we have said before, the right location can make or break how you tell your story.

Baby, it’s Cold Inside Cast

Jocelyn Hudon plays the role of Hannah Fisher, the travel agent who has been assigned the task of taking a look at the hotel by her boss. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Jocelyn started her career originally as a Ballerina. Since the age of eleven, she trained and performed at the National Ballet School of Canada. After completing her degree in communications and later a post-graduate degree in P.R., she started her acting career.

Jocelyn’s performance in The Strain, Pixels, and When Hope Calls had been widely appreciated. Steve Lund appears as Ben Wade, one of the hotel’s owners, where Hannah visits as part of her work and later works together with him to get the hotel better reviews. Born in 1989, Steve is a Canadian actor, best known for his roles in Schitt’s Creek and Bitten.

Before entering the acting profession, Steve had played in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League for the P.E.I. Rockets and the Halifax Mooseheads. After a series of concussions in 2008, he was forced to end his hockey career. Soon after ending his career in hockey, Steve started taking acting classes in Vancouver and was able to start his new career in the 2009 End of Message short film.

where was baby it's cold inside filmed
Ben and Hannah from Baby it’s cold inside

Since then, he has appeared in several movies and tv shows, including many Hallmark Channel television films. Kathryn Kohut as Phoebe Price, Hannah’s friend who goes with her together to the hotel. Kathryn Kohut is an actress known for performance in the movies Spare Parts, A Merry Holiday, and Kitty Mammas. Randy Thomas as Louis Chandon. Melinda Michael as Bridgette.

Melinda has been performing as an actor for film and television, voice-over, and motion capture. Ish Morris as Shawn, also known by his stage name iSH and Ish Morris, is a Canadian actor and singer. Paul Constable as Phillip Peterson. Born on November 23, 1972, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Paul performed as an actor, writer, and producer. His known works include Downsizing, Little Italy, and Waiting for Ishtar. Other cast members include Susan Hamann as Alice Peterson, Jennifer Austin as Nora Fisher, Kate MacLellan as Erin, and Craig Lauzon as Joe Schwenningen.

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