Where Is 1883 Filmed? All About The Production Locations!

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where was 1883 filmed
The cast of 1883

After the creators of Yellowstone announced a prequel called 1883, fans have been curious to know where 1883 was filmed. Finding the ideal film location is very crucial. It is as important as finding the correct actors to portray a role or as important as the music used in a series. In order to find the appropriate environment and tone for a series, location scouting is a necessity.

“1883” is a historical drama and predecessor to the “Yellowstone” series set in West Texas, where the voyage from Texas to Montana begins. When asked how it felt to return to West Texas for filming, Valdez, who is a production assistant, described the experience as unreal and beautiful.

The viewers of the show are aware of how legendary the Four Sixes Ranch is within the Dutton Family on whom the series is based. The ranch is not a made-up TV set, and it actually belongs to real Texas Ranch Royalty! Let us now walk you through where 1883 was filmed!

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What Is 1883 About?

1883 transports viewers back hundreds of years to the first appearance of the Duttons in Montana. The original Dutton clan is shown to be followed through the Great Plains as they make their journey to Montana in the new series. The Duttons of the past were not the powerful, wealthy family represented on Yellowstone over the previous seasons. The story follows the lives of The Duttons and their venture.

All About The Cast Of 1883

The cast announcements for 1883 have been big and incredible. The characters in the series that go by the name Margaret and James Dutton are being played by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. There is a character named Shea Brennan that is being acted by Sam Elliot. He said he believes the western genre has a strong appeal to both his real-life personality as well as on-screen personality. Elliot mentioned how everything was there in 1883, from the archetypal man-versus man, man-versus-nature, and man-versus-self battles. He expressed how grateful he is to be a part of the show.

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where was 1883 filmed
A still from the show

Sam Elliot is very well-known in the Hollywood industry. He has been in a number of famous movies such as A Star Is Born and The Hero. As far as Tim McGraw goes, he also has had a very long and successful career in Hollywood. He has appeared in movies like The Blind Side and Friday Night Lights. About Faith Hill, 1883 is her first appearance since 2015. Her debut was in The Stepford Wives.

The rest of the cast, which was unveiled in mid-November, is a group of up-and-comers who definitely play a key role in how this series unfolds. Take, for example, Audie Rick, who will portray a very young John Dutton Sr. Marc Rissmann. There are a lot of faces to remember in the series, like actors Eric Nelsen, James Landry Hébert, Dawn Olivieri, Emma Malouff, Alex Fine, Gratiela Brancusi, Anna Fiamora, Nichole Galicia and many more! What a big cast!

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1883 Filming Locations: Where Was The Series Filmed?

1883 was mostly shot in and around Texas and Montana. These locations were similar to Yellowstone. The show’s major on-set filming site was the Parker County City of Weatherford in Texas. It is close to where the mind of the show, Taylor Sheridan, resides. There were stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas, that were used for filming. Also, the series demanded several sets be created near West Exchange Avenue.

About 300 King County locals in the vicinity adjusted to the sets and filming. There were actors, stunt doubles, and staff who made their temporary home in an RV park. It was built just for the closed set in the heart of Guthrie, Texas.

where was 1883 filmed
The 6666 Ranch

Other filming locations of 1883 include Granbury, Texas. It is located in Hood County. Viewers can see the Granbury Square, located at 201 East Pearl Street, used to film certain episodes. The group of talented artists in the art department re-modeled Farina’s Winery and Cafe. It is at 202 North Houston Street.

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Is The 6666 Ranch Seen In 1883 Real?

There is a ranch seen in the series. It is called the 6666 Ranch and serves as the backdrop for 1883. The actual 6666 Ranch is known as Four Sixes Ranch. It is a 260,000-acre of land outside Guthrie. The Ranch was founded by Captain Samuel Burnett and is a part of Burnett Ranches LLC from Texas History. Burnett bought 100 cattle from Frank Crowley in Denton, Texas, under the 6666 brand. The Ranch currently includes the Four Sixes Ranch headquarters and the Dixon Creek Ranch, which are located between Panhandle and Borger, Texas.

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