When Will The Chi Season 5 Release? Renewal & Production Status

the chi season 5
A still from The Chi

After the creators of The Chi announced the renewal for a new season right after the season finale of season 4, fans have been wondering when The Chi season 5 will be coming out! The Chi is a relevant coming-of-age narrative about a group of people on Chicago’s South Side. They get linked by coincidence but bonded by the need for connection and redemption. It was created and executive produced by Lena Waithe and also executive produced by Common.

In addition to Waithe and Common, executive producers for season four include ID8 Multimedia’s Aaron Kaplan, Rick Famuyiwa, Derek Dudley, and Shelby Stone, Hillman Grad Productions’ Rishi Rajani, and showrunner Justin Hillian. The Chi is created exclusively by 20th Television.

The show became very popular among people because of its wholesome story and strong characters. The plot chronicles the aftermath of a police brutality incident, which affects the dynamic of the neighborhood and inspires individuals to look out for one another despite breaking the law. Now, let us dive into the details of The Chi season 5.

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What Is The Chi About?

On a typical day on Chicago’s south side, children prepare for school as their parents go to work, young adults struggle to make ends meet, and the elderly keep an eye on things from their front lawns. However, in this dangerous neighborhood, real threats seek to suffocate dreams on a daily basis, and even the simplest actions can have life-or-death repercussions.

The cast of The Chi

‘The Chi’ is a dramatic coming-of-age series about a group of interwoven working-class African-Americans. They remind the audience that the human spirit is strong and hope never dies. The drama follows interconnected characters in Chicago’s South Side. It is a timely, relevant and unique story.

Brandon is an ambitious and self-assured young man who dreams of one day running his own restaurant business. The series follows around his story as a protagonist. Although, he is torn between the promise of a new life and his responsibilities to his mother and brother back on the South Side.

A Recap Of Season 4 Before Jumping On The Next Season: What All To Recall

The fourth season of The Chi was full of drama, and viewers definitely got hooked on the show. The season focused on Nina’s infidelity to Kevin, Jemma, and Jake, making it a love triangle and who does not like to spectate such dramas from a distance?!

On the other hand, Marcus was viciously beaten by “Douda” in a very violent physical dispute. Now, Trig was around, and Jake assumed his brother was involved. Concerned for Jemma’s safety, Jake delays before informing her that her father has been gravely hurt. However, she, on the other hand, swiftly discovers the truth. As Trig attempts to come to terms with what he saw, Jemma pledges to find out who did this at the hospital.

the chi season 5
A still from The Chi

The actor who plays Jake in the series suggested that there will be a lot more drama in his character’s relationships in the finale. He explained how Jake is dealing with other challenges with his friends and family. Jake is having an emotional season this year, and there will be a few complications. He also explained that season four would end up with a cliffhanger. So, what was the finale of season four?

Season 4 Finale: What Happened In The End?

Trig is supported by Shaad, with who he was on the outs after helping Marcus and concealing his tracks. Marcus’ surveillance system, which we last saw in the season four opener when he was watching Kevin leave Jemma’s room, looks to have gotten rid of Mayor Douda in Chicago. Trig informs Douda that he has video of him assaulting Marcus and orders him to leave the city.

The season finale is named after a 1959 play, “A Raisin in the Sun,” and also possibly the 1961 film that starred Sidney Poitier and Louis Gossett Jr. The movie was written by Lorrain Hansberry, a South Side native who was the first Black woman to have her work performed on Broadway.

When Trig threatened to expose the video footage of Marcus’ assault, Douda left Chicago. He was last seen being driven to a location outside the city. The director and executive producer of the show hinted that Douda might not be gone for good. He explained how the viewers should never underestimate Otis. However, the director did agree that Douda overplayed his hand, that it did not go according to plan, and that he had lost the match. So, why is Douda not gone for good? The director explained it is very hard to believe that Douda would give up so easily.

The Cast Of The Chi: Everyone Who Stars In The Series

The Viewers can expect the usual cast of the series to return. As earlier, Jacob Latimore will play the character of Emmett Washington, Alex Hibbert will be seen playing the role of Kevin Williams. Next, more important characters like Stanley “Papa” Jackson will be played by Shamon Brown Jr., Michael V.Epps will be playing the character of Jake Taylor. Also, Kiesha Williams will be played by Birgundi Baker, Like James will be seen as Trig, and Curtiss Cook will return as Otis “Douda” Perry.

the chi season 5
The main cast of The Chi

Additional roles like Jada Washington will be played by Yolonda Ross, Jasmine Davis will be seen as Imani, Kandi Burruss as Roselyn, Tyla Abercrumbie as Nina, and Hannah Hall as Tiffany. The viewers can expect a few new actors to join the cast in Season 5 of The Chi, who would be playing newly introduced characters. Moreover, frequently seen characters like Darnell will be played by Rolando Boyce, Maisha is going to be played by Genesis Denise Hale, Joel Steingold will play the character of Freedom Martin, Iman Shumpert will be seen as Rob, and Tai Davis as Tracy.

The Chi Season 5: What Speculations Can We Make?

Showtime announced that The Chi had been renewed for a fifth season shortly after the season finale of season 4 was released. Although there are few specifics about the new season, one of the executive producers, Hillian, said that the series is something he wants to continue concentrating on. He explained how he definitely wants to continue to highlight what the possibilities could be for the series.

In season 4 of The Chi, we explored that Emmett is bored of waiting for Tiffany to choose between him and Dante and as a result of that, tries to move on from her. Tiffany is seen choosing Emmett, but she meets and kisses Rob after Jada’s party. The viewers also saw Trig obtaining footage of Douda abusing Marcus and using it to blackmail the mayor into fleeting town! In his absence, Roselyn appears to have taken over as interim mayor. Additionally, we saw Keisha and Christian becoming an official couple.

the chi season 5
A still from The Chi

Well, we can expect season 5 to bring a lot of new stuff to the table. There is a possibility of Douda’s return, and his confrontation with Trig could be seen explored in the upcoming season. Tiffany’s flirting and kissing with Rob is predicted to cause Emmett problems in the future. What is going to happen to their relationship, and is there a future there?

We can also expect to see Jada on her way to a new path following her last chemo and after recent test results coming normal. More than anything, the fifth season will look into the options available to the community to maintain a feeling of community togetherness and defend one another.

When Is The Chi Season 5 Releasing?

Season 4 was premiered on Showtime on May 23, 2021. It ended on August 1, 2021. The season consists of ten episodes, and each lasts for about 46-58 minutes. Now, Showtime announced on August 2, 2021, that the series is going to be renewed for a fifth season.

The renewal comes as a result of high ratings for the show, which has a weekly audience of 4.2 million people and is on track to become the most-streamed Showtime series ever. The Chi Season 5 will premiere in 2022. The upcoming season might have 10 episodes in it, just like the previous four seasons.

The show’s creator, Lena Waithe, said that the new season has been written and also thanked the fans for helping to bring the renewal to fruition. She said it had been a long road for The Chi, and the viewers have been accompanying them. Lena talked about gaining a lot of knowledge and coming a very long way alongside the characters that have matured now. She explained how everyone has screamed at these characters and also messed around with them., also, how the viewers have seen them grow up from babies to young men and women.

The Chi Season 5 Production

The production for season 5 began in Chicago around March 28th, 2019. The filming was supposed to get wrapped in the summer of 2020. The production team of The Chi is outstanding and incredible at what they do because they not only tackle huge issues like systematic racism and poverty, but also make sure to cover issues like sexual harassment, PTSD, and other challenges young people face in today’s generation.

Now, season 5’s post-production and filming may take some time due to the ongoing pandemic. We can expect it to get completed this year and the season to premiere in mid-2022.

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