When Will Survivor Season 42 Release?

Survivor Season 42 Release Date
Survivor Season 42 Release Date

Here we bring you every single detail we managed to scoop up from the internet regarding Survivor Season 42 release date, filming schedule and many other interesting tidbits. After all, the long-running outdoor reality show series on CBS continues to engage and captivate audiences after more than two decades on screen. While “Survivor” usually films two seasons back to back every summer, and that’s how they managed to rack up 42 seasons in 22 years, this year’s a bit different.

Last season, just at the finale, the production crew teased the public with a sneak peek. But that’s all we got from now. Additionally, if you’re not familiar with Survivor, it is a long-running CBS competition reality show where contestants get stranded on an island and must resort to their skills as well as do a few challenges in order to win. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering this topic for Season 42.

Survivor Season 41 Finale Recap

Survivor season 41 consisted of 13 episodes spanning 26 days which crowned champion Erika Casupanan. The three-hour special episode kicks off with Erika worrying about repairing fences with Heather. While preserving her distance from Deshawn, still stinging from Deshawn’s “truth bomb” at tribal council. Erika claims that despite her best efforts to protect Deshawn, he “pooped all over” her efforts.

This is great news for Ricard, who is trying to take the heat off himself by fanning the flames of her rage. Meanwhile, Deshawn continues to preach that Ricard is the greatest threat and that he must be eliminated. Xander enjoys their bickering.


Conspiracy Games

Before anyone can figure out what’s going on, the producers throw another molotov cocktail into the mix: a word-scramble clue that leads to a secret advantage. Ricard wanted to keep the advantage away from Deshawn’s hands, and Xander became a close ally. Xander and Ricard, unsurprisingly the first to finish trying to solve it. They search together just for two reasons. It’s intriguing that the game’s two strongest players are allies this late in the season. But their friendship, like Ricard and Shan’s, appears to be based on mutual understanding.

It’s clear that neither of them wants to see the other through to the end, and they’re both fine with that. Erika discovers an envelope tucked away in a tree. With a note inside informing her that she has won a great advantage in the upcoming immunity challenge. Erika triumphs in the combined immunity and incentive challenge, which includes a 75-piece puzzle and a lot of ladder climbing. In an effort to mend fences, she invites Heather to her victory meal, and they’re back to being a close pair in no time.

The Chop Block

Ricard and Deshawn’s names are on the chopping block because that evening’s tribal council is Xander’s last chance to use his immunity challenge. And Erika is wearing the immunity necklace. Heather’s name is never mentioned because everyone expects her to make it to the end, where she will be guaranteed to receive no votes.

Ricard’s near-perfect track record looms over the game, making his exit almost inevitable. The editors try to build some last-minute tension by speculating that Xander might play his idol for Ricard to demonstrate that he’s “the one who’s taking the reins in this game.”


It’s a showdown between Ricard and Deshawn at the tribal council. Ricard gives it his all in a deftly crafted speech that ranges from emotionality to self-conviction without sounding contrived or self-congratulatory. Deshawn misses an opportunity to point out that this is precisely why they need to get rid of him and instead wishes him well. “I can be a great Survivor player without winning,” Ricard says. With that, Xander becomes the idol for himself, and Ricard extinguishes his flame. It’s bittersweet to see the other players finally wake up and vote out that one of the only two players who deserve to win and is interesting enough to watch. Ricard is unquestionably deserving of a spot in the cast of a future “Survivor” all-star season.

No Sleep

Due to an overnight downpour, no one sleeps well the night just before the final immunity challenge. The stakes are higher than ever as not only will the winner earn a spot in the final three, but they will also choose a companion to accompany them. The remaining two castaways must compete in a fire-making challenge for the third spot. Back at camp, Heather, Erika, and Deshawn each present their case to Xander for a spot in the final three. Erika has barely raised her voice when he chooses her and informs the others of his decision. Xander tells the camera behind closed doors that he doesn’t want Erika to have a “flashy moment” by defeating Deshawn or Heather in the fire-making challenge.

Survivor Season 42

The Wrong Assumption

However, Xander’s presumption that Erika is a skilled firestarter as a result of her time in exile earlier this season comes crashing down when she struggles to light a fire in front of him. He groans, “I can’t even believe she just showed me she can’t make fire.”

Xander follows his gut instinct and grants Erika immunity at tribal. Xander makes a critical error when forced to clarify his reasoning. Rather than reciting the usual platitudes about wanting to bring someone he respects, he claims the jury “doesn’t respect Erika’s game.” Then he goes on to say that people mistake Heather for a “goat” or a “frail old lady,” when in fact, she is a “badass.”

The Final Three

The morning of the final vote was footage filler without the traditional visit from loved ones. Instead of announcing the winner a few months later in front of a live studio audience, Jeff tells us that the winner will be announced immediately after the votes are tallied. A montage shows how each of the players will present their game strategy to the jury: Xander as an underdog who fought to the bitter end, Erika as a “lion in sheep’s clothing,” and Deshawn as a player who thrived on his social skills.

The fact that the majority of the jury’s questions are softballs or statements thinly disguised as questions is disappointing but not surprising. With a series of video clips of remarks about Deshawn’s machinations, Ricard provides all the entertainment: “That sounds appealing. You can explain why your intention on the first day of the merge was to pull all of us aside and tell us who needed to go home, he says. “You essentially threw everyone under the bus.” When the final votes are counted, Deshawn earns one, Xander earns zero, and Erika wins the rest, making her the winner.

Where is Survivor 42 Filmed?

Survivor is filmed in Fiji, at the Mamanuca Islands. These are a group of volcanic isles archipelago west of Nadi in the Pacific Ocean, a popular tourist location full of villages, resorts, and places to go scuba diving and snorkeling. It is also famous for being the filming location for “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks. And that’s also where our contestants will prove their skills in one of the islands where resources are scarce.

Who Are The Survivor Season 42 Cast?

The Survivor season 42 cast consists of 18 contestants from all very diverse backgrounds. Just like in previous seasons, at least half of the cast must consist of black, indigenous, and other minorities per the quota mandate that CBS now enforces in their reality shows. The list hasn’t been made public yet. But rest assured of one thing, 60-year old Jeff Probst will continue to host this show. Last season, Erika Casupanan broke all expectations as she got the crown for season 41. Her tale from rags to riches, from bottom to the top, was one worthy one to show.

When Did Survivor 42 Began Production?

The photography for Survivor Season 42 began in mid-May 2021. Just like season 41, it might’ve lasted less than a month —about 25 days or so. Moreover, the seasons usually lasted 40 days in photography, but with COVID-19 in the panorama, as well as other filming and producing constraints, the crew had to speed things up a little bit. There are a few changes to production for season 42, if you watched season 41, you noticed that the winners were revealed on the island, and the same will be true for this season. The days of cheer before a live studio audience are overall thanks to COVID.

Survivor Season 42 Sneak Peek Trailer:

Where to Watch Survivor Season 42?

If you want to watch Survivor, there are several options to do it. Firstly, you can watch it during its airtime on CBS networks. Alternatively, you can watch it via its website or its app with your cable credentials. Also, “Survivor” is available on Paramount+ and its Amazon Prime Video add-on. All 41 seasons are there. If you wish to watch earlier seasons, Hulu has 25 seasons there. Amazon Prime Video (without the add-on for Paramount+) has 4. Moreover, Fubo TV, DirecTV Pluto TV, Spectrum, and Netflix have seasons of Survivor for your enjoyment. Lastly, Apple iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, the Microsoft Store, and Amazon Direct Video have episodes for purchase or rent.

Survivor Season 42 Release Date
Still from Survivor Season 42

Survivor Season 42 Release Date

Survivor Season 42 will release on March 9, 2022, on CBS. The premiere will consist of a two-hour special episode. Then, we will most likely see a double elimination on the debut episode or in the first days to get the adrenaline going for this season! Lastly, the season finale for Survivor 42 would most likely air in late May. And with this, we wrap up our coverage of Survivor Season 42 here at Otakukart.

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