When Does ‘Servant’ Season 3 Episode 2 Arrive On Apple TV+?

Servant season 3 episode 2 release date
Servant season 3 is available to stream on Apple TV+

“Servant” Season 3 Episode 2 will arrive this week with Leanne’s paranoia continuing to wake her up at night. The nanny has had a whiplash of an experience during the recent events at the Turners’ abode. Season 3 premiered with Leanne twitching with anxiety and paranoia. Add in the solitude following the family’s beach trip, and Leanne found herself amidst another high-stakes scenario. Someone broke in, and Leanne kept experiencing symbolical spooks. Of course, Dorothy and others are not really adept at picking up after Leanne’s intuition.

The next episode is set to have Dorothy host a mummy-and-me group. This means a whole slew of other people that Leanne will find great trouble assimilating with. The subsequent situation that ensues will make for some classic “Servant” tension. The trailer for this season that we got sheds some light on the tension between Dorothy and Leanne. It seems that the dynamic between the two is only going to worsen progressively. Meanwhile, the cult is lurking all this time, gradually creeping their way into the home and Turners’ home.

Let’s now delve into all that episode 2 of “Servant” season 3 will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Dorothy in servant
Dorothy in ‘Servant’ season 3

‘Servant’ Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 premiered with the Turner family enjoying some relatively quieter time after all chaos that has transpired so far. However, Leanne, who has essentially become a family member, is not exactly feeling all that calm. Quite the contrary, actually. Her paranoia has dialed up to an eleven in the wake of recent events. The episode opens with her waking up from a nightmare.

The following day, she continues to be paranoid. Meanwhile, she’s also still holding on to that dagger and keeping it under her pillow. The Turners are preoccupied with Jericho. Leanne is put off by the open door, which she scurries off instantly to slam shut. Dorothy tells her no one’s going to come, but her efforts at relieving Leanne of her paranoia fail.

Leanne is sure that the cult will eventually act up, and they will come. The Turners are planning to go on a trip to the beach. Leanne is obviously not sure that it’s a good idea. However, she later takes Jericho for a walk and sees the outside world. Julian accompanies her. The decibels of the outside world perturb Leanne deeply, spiking her anxiety and overwhelming her. Julian mentions the fact that he’s too old for her. He tells her to find someone around her age to sleep with. Leanne refuses, telling him she likes sex with him and it’s fine. Later, Leanne is distracted and alerted by a man she thinks to be George. However, it turns out to be a mistake, and the guy is not George.

The Beach Trip

The Turners set out for the beach trip, but Leanne is not coming along. Dorothy tries to persuade her, but she is too paranoid about that. So she remains at home, all by herself. Initially, it seems to be going alright, with her anxieties gnawing at her. Soon it devolves into something creepy, though. Moths keep flying in from somewhere, and this happens throughout the episode. Later on, she hears the door being shut. She goes to the basement and eats soup. Sean video calls to check up on her, and that’s when the mud in the cellar starts to bubble.

The Burglary

Creeped out and lonely, she calls Tobe, but he can’t make it quickly. Meanwhile, Dorothy video calls to check in on her and tells her about the seagull attack on Julian. This freaks Leanne even more since she was drawing seagulls earlier in the day. However, the real horrors kick in when someone breaks in. Leanne spots the burglar but from a covert place. She then proceeds to hide in the closet, which continues further inside the walls. While hiding from the burglar, she calls Sean, who assures her he’ll call the police. Meanwhile, she stumbles upon Aunt Josephine’s dead body, which is covered with moths.

The Burglar Flees & Anxiety Remains

This turns up Leanne’s freak out even more. She tries her best to compose herself but ultimately calls out to the burglar while locking herself in a room. However, the police arrive, and the burglar flees away. The police inform them that the burglary was one in a series of other similar crimes in the neighborhood, and all these burglaries have taken place in households where the family has gone off on vacations. Dorothy assures Leanne that this burglary was a different case altogether, not relating to any of her recent anxieties. However, Leanne is sure that the cult will eventually turn up, and her anxieties continue to linger.

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Dorothy, Sean, and Julian in ‘Servant’season 3

‘Servant’ Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date

“Servant” Season 3 Episode 2 will release on January 28, 2022. The official synopsis hints at Leanne’s continued anxieties lingering. According to the synopsis, Dorothy will host a mummy-and-me group. However, Leanne will learn that she can’t trust strangers. This is bound to give rise to some more tense moments of anxiousness and paranoia for Leanne. Meanwhile, the cult is bound to make some sort of a move. They’re going to turn up eventually, but probably nothing major will transpire for now. We might also see some drama stemming from Julian’s new girlfriend entering the picture.

Watch ‘Servant’ Season 3 Episode 2 Online — Streaming Details

“Servant” Season 3 Episode 2 will premiere on Apple TV+ this Friday. New episodes of season 3 will release weekly on the streamer, every Friday. The show is an Apple TV+ exclusive, so that means you can’t watch “Servant” online anywhere else. You can sign up for a monthly subscription that’ll set you back $4.99 per month after a 7-day free trial period. Apart from “Servant,” the streamer has a huge library of premium quality content like “Ted Lasso” and “The Morning Show”.

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