When Does Iron Fist Season 3 Come Out?

Today we’ll be talking about Iron Fist Season 3 release date and updates. Iron Fist first season started out with a left foot, many people saw it, something that made the suits in the corporate boardroom of Marvel happy and content, but the first season was hammered by critics and fans alike. So the guys making the choices at the dreaded boardroom made the call to give the show a second run, trying to fix problems, and hiring new people and staff to correct the mistakes.

Also, they did so in many different ways; the second season received even better critics, many people saw it and compared it to the first season. Because we now have a second season, airing on Marvel TV and Netflix. With such improvements for season 2 and a confirmation and plot setup from that season, we open into season three seamlessly and with lots of expectations on what can happen.

Iron Fist Season 3

Iron Fist Season 2

Let’s face it, sometimes second parts are good, and this is the case for Iron Fist, we see deeper characters and their story arcs, we know that plot twists are up for grabs for the third season to explore and show us what this is all about.

The teaser scene of “Months later” is a Marvel Universe classic staple to build up expectations for our next season and confirm us to the fact that things will change and the status quo, mythology, story arcs and depth of characters is subject to that too.

Surely we are to see such improvements because of the facts that many efforts into making fans and critics happy have materialized in the second season and is surely set up for the third.

Iron Fist Season 3 Release Date

Regarding Iron Fist Season 3 air date, Marvel and Netflix haven’t made an official announcement yet, but we can expect it any time soon, after all, series like Luke Cage season 3 is an obvious bet, but they are however to be confirmed. The partnership between Netflix and Marvel seems like a match made in heaven for both companies for they have managed to produce great series to keep us entertained throughout the year at different seasons with different stories, something that is rather hard to do for many production companies dedicated as Marvel is.

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